Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: April 27, 2019

For tonight’s Saturday Night Live rerun, SNL is grabbing an episode that’s only 3 weeks old, hosted by “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington!

It looks like Winter came and it’s coming back again almost immediately to Saturday Night Live tonight at 11:30pm on NBC. The network must want to cash in on the “Game of Thrones” fever that’s gripped the nation ever since the fantasy drama series returned to HBO for its final season, because it’s already re-airing the episode of SNL hosted by “GoT” mega-star Kit Harington which just ran live on Saturday, April 6th, or 3 short weeks ago, going by rerun time. Kit Harington plays the popular character Jon Snow on “Game of Thrones“, so he was a natural choice for one of SNL – Season 44‘s first-time hosts. Plus, the nice part of running a repeat so soon after its original air date is that practically none of the material will be dated. And that’s especially true for the SNL – Cold Open in this evening’s rerun.

This week, former Veep Joe Biden jumped into the 2020 Presidential race. That now officially makes more Democrats running for President this time than actually voted in the last election. When Joe “Amtrak” Biden announced his candidacy, it came with some concessions on Joltin’ Joe’s part about being insensitive to women’s personal space. That’s also the topic of tonight’s repeat SNL – Cold Open. As easily predicted, former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis returned as his once recurring SNL character during the Obama years, an amped up, over-the-top version of Joe Biden. In the opener tonight, you’ll see some political aides and consultants try to teach this old political dog some new tricks when it comes to greeting women.

As for “Game of Thrones” fans, you’ll be completely satisfied with Kit Harington’s monologue tonight. Saturday Night Live does a tried-and-true monologue gimmick, the Q & A segment, where the guest star’s monologue is interrupted by random questions coming from the audience. Kit’s monologue is filled with people wanting to know all about “Game of Thrones” and its finale and what happens next. There’s some cameos this evening that any of the “GoT” super fans will want to see again or for the first time just in case you missed it 3 weeks ago.

Post-monologue, the show opens with a “so weird, it makes you laugh” sketch which is a talent competition where the object is to crown the winner of “The 2019 Nephew Pageant.” Kit Harington and the male SNL cast members are hilarious as awkward prepubescent nephews, but cast member Aidy Bryant steals the scene as the big-haired, exuberantly singing host of the ceremony, Aunt Patty. “It’s the only pageant for the nephews of the U-S-A!!”

Other sketches include Kit Harington as a Michael Jackson impersonator trying to make it as a Frank Sinatra impersonator now that Michael Jackson impersonators have quickly fallen out of style, and a sketch about a graphics department at a tech company which dives too deep into its geek culture, and the show ends with a sketch where Kit Harington plays a patient going in for a colorectal exam, who has a surprise for the medical staff.

Game of Thrones” and Jon Snow fans who have crushes on Kit Harington will also be thrilled with a strange sketch tonight where he plays a “naughty” shirtless male stripper who crashes his fiance’s bachorlette party. Besides being engaged to the guest of honor, Kit’s stripping act has a very unique old school twist to it.

Tonight’s SNL – Digital Shorts also keep the “Game of Thrones” faithful in mind, with a short called “New HBO Shows” which include possible spin-offs from “GoT” which are coming soon to Home Box Office, including Sam and Gilly starring in the new sitcom, “The Queen of King’s Landing” and the new children’s show, “Hodor’s House” among others. There’s also a short called “New Video Game” which stars cast member Pete Davidson and is about a VR game where gossip is just as deadly as any other danger facing the player. And there’s a third short near the end of tonight’s SNL rerun titled “Theresa May” which is “A Day in the Life of Theresa May“, the British Prime Minister who is dealing with a plunge in her popularity following her plan for the Brexit. This short is all put to the music of this week’s musical guest Sara Bareilles.

On this evening’s SNL repeat, Colin Jost and Michael Che are behind the Weekend Update news desk to bring us the latest of on the Joe Biden misconduct allegations. While Che compares Biden to an old lady in his building, Jost dissects “Uncle Joe’s” explanation video. The Saturday Night Live news team also takes on topics like the release of the Mueller Report, Trump’s wish for an “anti-climb” wall on the Mexican border (mm’kay?), the President’s threat to completely shut down the southern border, Lori Loughlin’s involvement in the national college admissions scandal, a Jim Carrey Twitter feud, new “Game of Thrones” Oreos, a Wisconsin gay couple being harassed, street pot in Madrid, the Charmin Forever Roll of toilet paper and a “Star Wars” themed orgy. As you can see, even though it’s a repeat, all the material is still very topical.

Stopping by the Weekend Update desk this week on tonight’s repeat show is a new character that we hope becomes a recurring one very quickly. He’s Terry Fink, the new film critic who sees all the new releases while tripping. Terry Fink is played by cast member Alex Moffat. And there is an SNL recurring character who does come back to Weekend Update on this episode, and that’s cast member Kenan Thompson as basketball legend Charles Barkley to talk about the Final 4.

Oddly, there’s only one promo still available for tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live from when this episode originally aired. It’s below for you to watch. In it, host Kit Harington becomes a living part of cast member Leslie Jone’s “Game of Thrones” fantasy and ends up having to recreate Cersei’s walk of shame from “GoT.” However, this horrifying reenactment includes donuts. The other set of promos featuring Kit with musical guest Sara Bareilles and cast member Beck Bennett has gone missing, even from NBC.com. Strange. This might be a good mystery for Dateline NBC.

Tonight, Kit Harington from “Game of Thrones” hosts a repeat episode of SNL with musical guest Sara Bareilles at 11:30pm et on NBC.

Next week, Saturday Night Live returns with the first of the last three live shows of the season with first-time host and former cast member Adam Sandler!

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