Watch the “Making of” Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special

Hopefully you had the chance to see Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special, this weekend, and it helped you to get in the mood to make love. The special appearances from some of our favorite comedy people- , , , , , , , , and , all joined in on the love sesh, and the whole thing was directed by Akiva Schaffer and Scott Aukerman.

If you did, you won’t want to miss our exclusive world premiere of the behind-the-scenes “making of” video, looking at how the magic happened, to help you make your magic happen.

If you didn’t, it’s not too late. Yes, by now, the cards are in the garbage, candy’s been eaten, and you have a hangover from too much red wine at that overpriced restaurant. But did you ever get around to the real reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Doing it.

That’s at least according to Michael Bolton and his favorite “bowl of jelly” (his words, not mine), Santa Claus. Michael Bolton’s a Christmas guy (only 10 more months to shop), but what would that special day be without the holiday that starts Bolton’s countdown every year, Valentine’s Day. But this year, he had to promise his old friend in red to use his velvety voice, nice guy image, and guest star friends for good in order to save Christmas. See, the elves made too many toys and without some fast procreation, next Christmas will be ruined (apparently they made a lot of baby toys). Time for a telethon hosted by Michael Bolton in the style of the great holiday Christmas specials of yesterday, from the creative minds of the Lonely Island and Scott Aukerman.

Michael Bolton Comedy Special

The show did drop the weekend before Valentine’s Day on Netflix to get people in the mood, and apparently things worked out okay, considering we made it through the holiday without serious incident. But just because it isn’t technically Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t watch during Michael’s ten month countdown to Christmas; the spirit of Valentine’s Day can live in your heart every single day. Michael Bolton’s special could be the perfect way to get a date in the mood (if they’re the type who finds virtual reality sex and Bob Fosse jokes funny). Or if the end of Comedy Bang! Bang! left you searching for another nostalgic parody to take its place; this is to holiday specials what Bang! Bang! was to talk shows.

It’s a little bit ironic, a little big sincere, completely weird, surprisingly sweet, and full of lots of talented stars just trying to warm your heart this winter.

Watch the Making Of below, and then go and get yourself some….

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