Tuesday March 24: Daily Links



Yale Is Offering Their Happiness Course For Free Online

Yale has a massively popular course on Happiness that they are now offering for free online. The course starts by offering students insights from psychology and neuroscience about what drives happiness. In its second half, the course challenges students in behavior change exercises to help rewire the brain. So parents of Yale students, remember when you’re looking at those loan payments what that course load looked like.

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Today’s The Great American Take Out

Help out the restaurant industry today by ordering in from a local joint. Just wipe everything down with Clorox wipes before you eat any of it.

Mormons Blow Off Social Distancing

Social distancing is not for the Mormons. That’s for Goyim. Not that they use the word Goyim but they must have some word.

Co Funke still can’t get past magic underwear.

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Texas’s “Brave” Lieutenant Governor Has Super Cringy Advice For Senior Citizens

Hey, Olds! Get out there and spend money until you get denied access to a ventilator. YOUR country needs YOU!

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NCAA Re-Run Brings Back Up Christian Laetner Hate

CBS re-aired the NCAA finals game between Duke and Kentucky and it’s given a whole new generation of Wildcats fans a hate for Christian Laetner. This is the last thing he needs right now.


Andrew Luck Reads Books To Kids Online

Ever doubt for second that Andrew Luck is a good due ? Well how about reading books to little kids? And the kids loved it.

Then Andrew got hurt and has to take the rest of the year off.

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Daniel Craig Isn’t Leaving Anything To His Kids

Daniel Craig, who has an estimated $145 million fortune, won’t be giving his children hand-outs, saying his philosophy is to “get rid of it or give it away before you go”, he also said “I don’t want to leave great sums to the next generation. I think inheritance is quite distasteful.” So his kids will be getting shit … jack shit.

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NY Post Not Happy With Woody Allen’s Memoir

Hey Woody. Yo Woodman. Look at me. We want to read a book about your movies. Not your crazy family.

Delight us. Make us laugh. Drop the daughter shit. It’s creepy.

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The Ringer Ranks The 50 Best Office Episodes

The Ringer is ranking US Office episodes and they think they got the top 50. For some reason the Schrute Farms episode is nowhere to be seen.

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Helena Christensen Looking Great In Self Isolation

Helena Christensen hasn’t lost a step in all these years. Her and Elizabeth Hurley should do a Zoom meeting together.

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Deadpool Wants Us All To Flatten The Curve

Listen to Ryan Reynolds. Also, drink Aviation Gin. Sanitize yourself in it.

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Marvel Nerds Are Debating Over Which Movie Is The Worst

There are two Marvel movies that many people look at as bottom of the MCU barrel, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. Iron Man 3 was trending because fans of the movie were enraged that anyone thought it could be worse than the Thor movie. The answer is simple: They’re all filler.

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Dudes On The Corner Try and Get To The Bottom Of This Corona Thing

This is the closest thing you’ll get to new episodes of The Wire for a very long time.

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Seeing a Rhino Up Close

Nothing cooler than seeing a Rhino. Nothing worse than seeing a Rhino too close. That sucks.

Hey Rhinos, six foot berth. Be cool.

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Zoom Meeting Goes Terribly Wrong

Some people may be put off by this, others, the voyeurs, couldn’t find any more pleasing.

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Staying At Home Is The Sitcom We All Need Right Now

Netflix is giving this woman a $30 million deal as we speak.

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