The Trump Kim Meeting Was As Weird As You’d Expect

Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore and apparently Kim says he’s going to work towards denuclearizing his country. Here are the highlights of the summit:

Here’s Kim and Trump shaking hands. Trump going high as possible to out Alpha the Hermit King.


This is the menu to the six-course lunch they enjoyed while the people of North Korea simmered some bark as they meal prepped for the week.

After their working lunch, Trump directed the photographers to make them look as thin and handsome and perfect as possible. There was no film in the camera.

Trump wanted to show off his bulletproof SUV to Kim, so he let him peek inside “the beast”. Because why shouldn’t you show off your ride to a dictator.

One of Trump’s selling points for Kim to get rid of his nukes so sanctions would be lifted is that hotels could be built on North Korea’s beaches. Giant hotel-casino’s is what will heal the world and end nuclear war. Why didn’t anyone else think of this.


And finally, crazy ass Dennis Rodman showed up in Singapore to break down crying talking about how he helped open the door to American-North Korean relations.

This is the propaganda movie trailer/sales pitch that Trump had made to convince Kim that cooperating would be a good idea. If only they could have gotten a better movie trailer voice guy. Jump to 1:35 to get to the meat.

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