The Comedians Call It! 51 Great Comics Tell Us Who Will Be the Next Big Thing in 2019

All month we’ve written about the very best in comedy in 2018, and it’s time to move on already!  What matters now, who is going to kill on stage NEXT year in 2019, and we’ve got the inside scoop. We asked some of our favorite headliners and up and coming comedians who is going to crush, kill and break out in 2019 for our FIFTH annual, The Comedians Call It.

Forget all the industry lists telling you who is up and coming– this list is about comedians by comedians. Nobody sees more talent on stage than the other comedians in the clubs so if you want to know who has “it” right now, this is your list.

In 2014, our comedy friends told us that Joe List and Nate Bargatze were going to be the guys to explode in 2015, and they did- in fact Nate went on to win Stand Up Comedian of the Year in 2015. In 2015, everyone was talking about Greg Stone and he’s become one of our favorite young comics. In 2016 year the word on the street was that Tim Dillon was going to be big, and now everyone knows how great he is.  Last year, in 2017  Dina Hashem, Ryan Hamilton and Ian Fidance got big love. And this year, everyone’s talking about Fahim Anwar and Katie Hannigan. We also heard Paul Virzi, , Reggie Conquest, Rosebud Baker, and Jessica Kirson’s name come up a few times, and about 50 other names of whose going to have a great year. Find out who else the buzz in the comedy-verse as these great comics tell us who is going to pop this coming year.

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Adam Ray (@adamraycomedy)

I think the breakout comic of 2019 is going to be Sandy Danto. He’s fresh, he’s got a unique look- some say a cross between John Belushi and Janine Garofalo.  Which is always something we need more of. His delivery is unique and unlike a lot of comics that I’ve seen. He gets up multiple times every night, travels with a bunch of different headliners which I always think is a good way to develop  strong flavor for your own voice because you’re getting exposed to a lot of different audiences. And he makes me laugh a lot.  On and off stage which is key for a comic. So my comedian, breakout star of 2019 is Sandy Danto.

Amy Miller (@amymiller)

My pick from 2019 is Caitlin Weierhauser. I know her from my time in Portland, and she just was a new face in Montreal. She was just in a Disney movie that’s coming out playing some kind of butch camp counsellor. She just crushes with the silliest kind of shit.  A good intro- listen to Kyle Kinane’s podcast with her on it- its probably the hardest I’ve ever heard Kyle laugh because she’s telling the story of her childhood which is literally growing up with a pack of wolves in rural Oregon. She’s super funny.

Andrew Santino (@CheetoSantino)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Sandro Iocolano, because he’s hilarious and he’s Italian and he’s cute and he’s sweet. And he’s smart and he’s funny. And he’s my little boy and I love him.

Andrew Schulz (@AndrewSchulz)

I think the breakout comic of 2019 is Akaash Singh. He’s my favorite comic, he’s absolutely hilarious. He’s got an amazing podcast called Flagrant 2 incredible. I would say the best podcast out.  But yeah you guys definitely gotta go check out Akaash Singh. That’s my guy for 2019. Boom.

Anthony DeVito (@AnthonyDevito_)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Sam Evans. He’s one of the funniest comics in New York City. I feel like  is slept on. I think I may have also said he was the breakout comedian of 2018, but I think this year is definitely his year. Yeah.

Avery Pearson (@averyfunny)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Josh Adam Meyers. Here’s why.  Yeah he’s a close friend. Maybe there’s a little nepotism involved in this.  But this guy is the creator of the Goddamn Comedy Jam which is a live touring show that’s been at every festival, has been touring for a few years killing it.  He became the executive producer of the Comedy Jam on Comedy Central. He has a new podcast out and normally I wouldn’t push a podcast as the next big thing, the thing that’s going to push someone over. But. It’s a genius podcast idea. I really believe in it, I think it’s going to do really well.  I think Rolling Stone is going to want to do something with it.  I think SiriusXM should absolutely do something with it and I’m just very excited for him this year. I think he struck gold again. So Avery Pearson’s pick for

Ben Gleib (@bengleib)

I think beyond even thinking I almost know– I don’t want to say know because then I look stupid when you play this back. I know I’m being recorded, its not even cool of you guys to record me to be honest..   Who I almost know will be the break out comic of 2019 is J Chris Newberg .  This guys been bubbling under the surface for a long time. He’s not a young kid like probably a lot of people on this list. He’s in his forties but the guy is brilliant; he’s hilarious. One of the most prolific joke writers I’ve ever seen. So out of the box, so funny. Mixes guitar comedy with speaking comedy like most comedians do it. So he’s a double threat in that way. He’s had this amazing career for so long and all of a sudden he released an album at the end of this year called Live and Let Die, that just popped onto the billboard charts in a huge way.  Was #1 in billboard comedy for eleven straight weeks and he’s been in the top ten for twenty nine straight weeks and counting. He’s just so funny. If you want to talk about weird jokes, you want to talk about aging, you want to talk about trying to date girls younger than you, he has hilarious takes about old people being on Facebook.  So many different things he talks about just crack me up and every audience I’ve ever seen him play. The guy’s a killer.

Beth Stelling (@bethstelling)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Natasha Rothwell. Cause she’s so hilarious on Insecure as her character Kelly and she just made a deal with HBO so great things to come.

Big Jay Oakerson (@bigjayoakerson)

I think the breakout comic of 2019 is going to be Shane Gillis, Mike Finoia, Luis J Gomez, Dave Smith and Dan Soder. Andy Fiori, and Justin Silver and Mike Vecchione. Carla Oakerson, my daughter, also her. Did I get everyone who would get upset? Them. Oh Jacob Battat also.

Bill Burr (@billburr)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Paul Virzi. He just had a killer special that broke all their streaming records. He’s already selling more tickets at the clubs. He’s doing the work. Dude I called it.

Bo Burnham (@boburnham)

Kate Berlant. I love Kate Berlant, I think she’s going to break out. She’s already kind of broken out but I think she’s on a rocket ship.

Bobby “Robert” Kelly (@robertkelly)

This is Robert Kelly, aka Bobby Kelly aka Bob. You want to know my breakout comedian of the year for 2019. And some of you might think this is odd, some of you might think its not right. But I’m going to say the person that’s going to have the most successful year as a comedian this year. Finally just do it. It’s going to be a great year for this man. Sorry, its not a woman, I know it just goes against everything but its a man.  I think its Rich Vos. I think 2019 is finally going to be his year. Finally he’s going to move up. And do small theaters, and maybe A clubs. Move out of the restaurants and the coffee places and little alternative weird places he does. He’s going to start performing at regular A clubs and small theaters with the help of, if I’m on the show, Ron Bennington’s on the show, Jim Florentine. If we’re on it together he’ll do theaters. I think it’s going to be great. I think this is his year, 2019.  It took a long time. A looong time. He’s 62 so a long time. But with him dressing like a Mexican drug gang leader, and the hats and the car and the help of his wife being so hilarious, and really talented this is finally going to be his year. Rich Vos 2019.

Bonnie McFarlane (@Bonniemcfarlane)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is coming out of New Jersey. I’m Canadian, but my heart is in New Jersey.  The breakout comedian is going to be Allie Mae Brand of New Jersey.

Brad Williams (@funnybrad)

I think the breakout comedian for 2019 is Matteo Lane.  You may have seen Matteo Lane on his 15 minute special on Netflix, and man, the guy can tell jokes, he can sing, he has amazing abs, he has a well manicured mustache.   And for all these reasons I think he’s going to be a big star. If you watched his special you certainly know why. So look for big things from Mr. Matteo Lane in the very near future.

Brent Morin (@brentmorin)

I would say the breakout comedian of 2019 will be Jason Collings. He’s a funny guy a lot of people know but he hasn’t really blown up yet. He’s been opening for me the last year and he’s just wildly talented. It’s frustrating.

Casey Balsham (@caseybalsham)

I think the breakout comedian 0f 2019 is going to be my dear friend Rosebud Baker, because she’s a maniac, and I think she will force it upon the people to become a big star very soon. And I love her and she deserves it.

Chris DiStefano (@chrisDcomedy)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Yannis Pappas cause he’s a cute fucking kid and he’s got a cute little butt.

Chris Gethard (@chrisgethard)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be a young man named Carmen Christopher. He’s been a force in the sketch and improv world for years now and he’s really found his legs in stand up for the past couple of years now.  I think he’s going to get the right role. He plays weirdos so well. He’s going to bust out of the gate like the next Zach Galifianakis. I think he’s got real potential. Good kid.  I also think Roy Wood Jr. whose already established. I think he’s going to become a household name. I think he’s going to become nationally known in every household. He’s too good.

Dan Soder (@dansoder)

I think the breakout comic of 2019 will be Shane Gillis or David Gborie. Yeah, I do two bets, as always. Double down.

Daniel Sloss (@daniel_sloss)

The comedian I think that’s going to break out is Kai Humpries. He’s been my tour support for eight years cause he’s funnier than I am. Well that’s not true I’m hilarious but he’s very very good. We’re going to tour a bit more that means the rest of the world is going to see him a bit more. He has some tv stuff coming up so yeah, him.

Dave Hill (@mrdavehill)

I think the breakout comic of 2019 is going to be Clare O’Kane. She’s totally hilarious and weird and unique. If you don’t think she’s funny I’ll stab you.

Derek Gaines (@derek1gaines)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 will be no other than Reggie Conquest. Because I think he may be the most naturally funniest dude in New York City. So when he takes his mind out of it and just takes that naturally ability to the stage, he will be funnier, mark my fucking words, he’ll be funnier than everybody. He’s the new Tracy Morgan. The new guy is Reggie Conquest.

Don Jamieson (@realdonjamieson)

I think the breakout comic of 2019 is going to be a comic that’s kind of already broken out so this will be a re-break. I have a good track record because I said last year’s breakout comic would be Joe Bartnik and sure enough he really was. He played MSG with Bill Burr, I’d say that’s a pretty good 2018 for Joe. This year I’m going to go for my old buddy Tom Green. He’s been out headlining the comedy clubs all over America. And it looks like they’re bringing back the old Tom Green TV show which I actually worked on many years ago. So I think Tom is going to have a big year. Go Tom.

Duncan Trussel (@duncantrussell)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 even though the year isn’t going to come is Jay Weingarten. He is a brilliant absurdist comedian- I think he was an anthropologist or a doctor or something but now he’s doing comedy. He’s just a genius, he’s kind of indescribable. May Weingarten for sure.

Earl Skakel (@earlskakel)

I think the young breakout star of 2019 is a comic I’ve met out here in Los Angeles by the name of Ron Taylor.  Periodically I host the open mic portion of the show at the Comedy Store and I gotta put up literally 100 comics every time and Ron constantly, to me anyway proves to be the best one. He’s from Detroit, he just moved out here a year and a half ago.  I believe he’s the newest paid regular at the Comedy Store. And to me he’s like a combination of Eddie Murphy and the great late Charlie Barnett. Just super likeable. Just something about him. You can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on stage. He’s got this great smile that just instantly draws you in. I rarely say this about comics but I think he’s going to be the next big thing.  Cause he has that it factor.

Gary Gulman (@garygulman)

The breakout comedian of 2019 will be Emmy Blotnik because she is original and fresh and brilliant and a delightful human being. And I think this will be the year that everyone knows how talented and funny she is.

Godfrey (@godfreycomedian)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 will be Monroe Martin. What I like about Monroe- he’s very abstract, he’s very different in his voice. You see this big 6’5 black dude but he’s just a big ass nerd who has edge to him and he doesn’t give a damn and I love that. And he pushes the envelope. And his stuff is very alt-y  yet hip at the same time. He can do any kind of audience. So that is my breakout guy for 2019. Monroe Martin.

Greg Stone (@gregstone_)

I think Brendan Eyre‘s going to have a big year this year.  Last year he had a crazy fucking attack. He tried to kill himself. Real depressing shit. But now he’s back and I honestly don’t think he’s going to be stoppable. So I think this year is really going to just change for him.

Hari Kondabolu (@harikondabolu)

I think the comedian that’s going to break out this year is Liz Miele.  Liz is my frequent opener when I’m on the road. She’s somebody who should be a major headliner. Whenever we do a show together the audience gets two headliners, its so much fun.  She is personal; she tells story about mental illness in her family, she talks about running marathons as part of getting healthier, she talks about her travels. She’s toured with the USO and has made a career for herself throughout Europe. She has a really interesting life, a really interesting history.  Has been doing comedy since she was sixteen or seventeen. She knew Carlin when she just started doing comedy and they kept in touch. She’s overdue, she’s polished, she’s ready. I think its time that she gets her big break. When you have somebody who is that fresh and polished and can basically perform in any setting, they’re ready for the big time. Totally Liz Miele should be the breakout artist of this next year.

Hasan Minhaj (@hasanminhaj)

My breakout comedian of the year is Fahim Anwar because I think he’s really really funny and I think he’s ready to blow.

Ian Fidance (@ianfidance)

I think my pick for breakout comedian of 2019 is Luke Mones. He’s absolutely hilarious, I love watching him on stage.  He’s got these bits that go off into these weird directions that are just so funny and fantastic to see. He just released a web series on Comedy Central called Genies. Which is really funny and I think he’s going to have a great year.  And also Katie Hannigan is so fucking funny and original and there’s no one else like her. She was at JFL this year, Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I can’t wait to see where she goes, it’s going to be a great year.

James Mattern (@jamesmattern)

I think the breakout comic for 2019- Katie Hannigan. She’s incredibly strong, she writes dark jokes. She can go in a room that doesn’t like dark jokes and make them like dark jokes.  She can adjust. Her writing’s insane; her persona on stage is great. She’s going to be a millionaire in weeks probably.

Jim Florentine (@mrjimflorentine)

My pick for breakout comedian this year is Paul Virzi. I just saw him open for Bill Burr at Madison Square Garden in front of 17,000 people and killed. His Comedy Central special is amazing. He’s a great dude, everyone loves him. He’s a killer on stage. And that’s the guy that’s going to hit the next level next year. He’s a great guy, everyone loves him, and I’m really happy for him.  So Paul Virzi is my pick.

Joe List (@joelistcomedy)

My breakout comedian for this year is my pal Steve Rogers. He’s adorable. He might be a little off mentally but he’s hilarious and he’s a great guy. Steve Rogers, look out for him, he’s my choice.

Jon Dore (@tvsjondore)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 will be John Morris Ross. West Coast guy, very funny, pulls no punches, really interesting history, love him. More importantly, just fucking hilarious.

Jon Rudnitsky ()

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Mekki Leeper. I think he’s got a very unique fun voice. He’s super young and already incredibly polished. He cracks me up he’s just hilarious.

Liz Miele (@lizmiele)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Nore Davis. I have a special place in my heart for him so I’m slightly biased but taking that out I think he’s just brilliant. He’s doing so many big things. If people haven’t seen his Conan, I’m so glad to see that its starting to kind of blow up and people are giving some attention to that.  But he has a new special out, he was on Two Dope Queens. Everything he touches he makes unique and magical and he’s just a unique voice that I’m so happy to hear is getting a lot of attention and I have no doubt that 2019 is going to be a big year for him.

Liza Treyger (@glittercheese)

I think the comedian that’s going to have a breakout 2019 is Marie Faustin. I think she’s so funny, fearless, out there.  So cool, I love all her mannerisms and jokes, and cute asides, even the way she says sis makes me giddy. She’s also a great actor and could wear a bald cap and dress like a man. She dresses cool and so pretty and has great style and a great host. And I just think she’s going to have an awesome 2019 if people know what’s good for them.

Mark Normand (@marknormand)

Hey hey! A lot of comics are kicking ass in New York but I think one in particular.  Jessica Kirson, check her out. Big, Jew, Lesbian hilarious comic. She’s one of the best, I’ve never seen her bomb, she kills. She’s a tour de force. Whatever that means.  She’s one of my favorites. She’s got a new special coming out produced by Bill Burr himself. So that should give you an idea of how killer she is. She’s been around for awhile but she’s about to pop I think. So I’m going Jessica Kirson. Mazel Tov!

Mary Lynn Rajskub (@marylynnrajskub)

I think the breakout comedian for 2019 is going to be Fahim Anwar. The reason why is because Fahim is smart, cute, completely unique and makes odd connections no one else will make. He goes from the mundane to the politically incorrect. He can say really rude things and manage to be delightful and inventive while doing it. And he’s just really great and a really good dancer.

Matteo Lane (@matteolane)

My pick for the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Christi Chiello. I think the world of this comedian. I think she’s one of these people that has so much talent and so much raw talent that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what she’s capable of doing. Not just her voice work, but she’s also a singer and she’s an actress and she works so hard on her craft. She, to me is someone to look out for in 2019. I think she’s going to have a really big year. And I’m really excited to see what happens for her and I love her very much. You guys should all check out Christi Chiello.

Michael Yo (@michaelyo)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019  is going to be Fahim Anwar. I see him perform all over Los Angeles. He absolutely crushes it at the Comedy Store. He does some projects on Comedy Central with Hasan Minhaj, and this dude is so talented, one of the most brilliant writers I’ve ever met or seen perform live on stage. Fahim Anwar, watch out for him.

Mike Cannon (@iammikecannon)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 – aside from myself because I’m poised to have a great year- Rosebud Baker I think is going to have a great year. She just did a docuseries for Amazon where she absolutely was the breakout star. She was vulnerable and hilarious and her stand up set killed. That’s going to set her up for some big things in 2019.

Monroe Martin (@monroemartiniii)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is Reggie Conquest. I think Reggie is very naturally funny. He has a personality that shines on and off stage.  It’s this effortlessness. He just makes you feel like one of his friends. I don’t want to say that’s what comedy has been missing cause that’s corny. But that’s something you haven’t seen in awhile, just somebody on stage who feels like a cousin or some family member you love hanging out with so….that’s the person I think is going to be the breakout comic of 2019.

Neko White (@neko_white93)

I think the breakout star of 2019 will be- there’s two of them. The first one is Alex Babbit, the other one is Phil Hunt. Alex Babbit cause he’s young, he’s incredibly funny, and the dude has a very good storytelling energy to him that people gravitate too. And Phil Hunt’s one of the best joke writers in New York City, period.

Nikki Glaser (@nikkiglaser)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Tom Thakkar. He has opened for me on the road for many years and now he’s almost unfollowable because of how hilarious he is.  There’s no one else like him. He has great jokes, very personal stuff and he has a Comedy Central special coming out in 2019 too, a half hour that people are going to be talking about. He’s the one to watch, get on board now. Because he’s going to be famous and you’ll be able to be like, oh I knew him when, I was on board early. Tom Thakkar, that’s my prediction and its going to happen.

Paul Virzi (@paulvirzi)

I think the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Robby Slowik. Dude just gets better and better every time I see him. He recorded a monster hour which is going to be released next year. Every time I see him, smarter, funnier, so that’s my pick.

Rich Vos (@richvos)

This years breakout comedian- first let me do process of elimination. I’m going to take myself and Bonnie out of the running because anything can happen with us at any point. I’m going to take out all the comics that were on Vos although every one was great and they deserve to be the breakout comic of the year. I’m going to take out new comics. Although there is so many funny new comics, but can they sustain being breakout comedy of the year. So, in my opinion this comic who is a veteran, one of the funniest people alive, should have been a star years ago.  To me, the breakout comic of the year is Jessica Kirson. If anybody else says Jessica Kirson, please have them go after me so they don’t think I copied them. I’m the first to say Jessica Kirson is the breakout comic of the year. Thank you.

Stavros Halkias (@stavvybaby)

The comedian I think is going to breakout this year is my boy Petey Deabreau.  We’re friends, he’s got a difficult last name. The guy is effortlessly funny, he’s so fucking good. He’s lived a full life, he’s actually an interesting person. Which, a lot of comedians aren’t- myself included. I’ve been doing stand up since I was eighteen. Not that much life experience. Petey has lived a life, he’s fucking hilarious, incredible stage presence. Incredible natural ability, charisma. Yeah I think the guy’s going to break out for sure. Love that dude.

Ted Alexandro (@tedalexandro)

I think the comedian who is going to break out in 2019 is Jim Tews. I love Jim. I’ve known him for probably about 10 years. He’s got a podcast called Quitting Comedy, ironically, but I don’t think he plans on quitting any time soon. Jim is just funny, he’s got a unique point of view, kind of dry. Check Jim Tews out if you haven’t.

Yannis Pappas (@yannispappas)

My breakout comedian of the year is Katie Hannigan. She’s very funny, very unique. I just feel like her uniqueness is going to push her towards the front. Katie Hannigan.

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