The Comedians Call It! 25 Great Comics Tell Us Who Will Be the Next Big Thing in 2016

2015 EOY comics call it 1

All week we’ve written about the very best in comedy in 2015, and from now until the 31st, we’ll continue to congratulate the best comedy created this year. But let’s be honest, it’s all ancient history. What really matters is, who is going to kill on stage in 2016. We’ve got some ideas of our own but we like to go directly to the source on this one, so we asked some of our favorite comedian and asked them who is going to crush, kill and break out in 2016.

Last year, our comedy friends told us that Joe List and Nate Bargatze was going to be the guys to explode in 2015, and both had an amazing year. This year, everyone’s talking about Greg Stone. Even Mr. Breakout 2015 himself, Joe List is calling it. So there you have it, it’s as good as done. Greg Stone in 2016. There’s also a lot of  love for Dan Soder and Gary Vider and dozens of other comics. Find out who else has the buzz in the comedy-verse as these 25 great comics tell us who is going to pop this coming year.

Joe List (@JoeListComedy)

I think the 2016 breakout comic of the year will be Greg Stone. He is one of the funniest guys that I know and he works really hard and he’s already hilarious and should have been the breakout comic of 1994 even though he was 11. He is great, and I love him.

Anthony DeVito (@AnthonyDevito)

I think Greg Stone is going to break out next year. Cause I think he’s the funniest person on the planet, the funniest guy I’ve ever met and he’s not getting a lot of love right now but as soon as people come around to him, he’s going to be huge.

Bonnie McFarlane (@bonniemcfarlane)

I”m hoping its Rich Vos, but if that can’t happen– which I’m pretty sure it won’t– I’m going to say Sabrina Jalees who is Canadian and she’s super funny and she writes and she’s a great stand up. She acts, writes, she’s a whatever threat. Triple threat.

Dan Soder (@DanSoder)

This is Dan Soder, aka the JJ Dillon of Comedy. In 2015 I said Joe List and Big Jay Oakerson were going to be huge and they were Well now let me introduce you to my new stable of young talent, hot studs of comedy. Gary Vider, Evan Williams, Tim Dillon and Mike Recine. Look out for those four boys cause they’re going to be kicking ass in 2016. The four horsemen of guys you’ve never heard of.

Bridget Everett (@bridgeteverett)

I think in the year 2016 you’re going to be seeing big things from John Early. You want me to tell you why? I’ll tell you why. John is young, handsome, he looks like he could be my son, but he’s also just a totally unique individual, crazy maniac, does a great Britney Spears, and everything else in between. He’s interesting and he has a lot of range and he’s so so funny. He’s one of those people that no matter when you see him, they just always make you wet your pants. And he had a tiny little cameo in my special so I’m hoping that he pays me back with a recurring role on his next big hit.

Cipha Sounds (@CiphaSounds)

The comedian to break out in 2016 is a guy named Mark Viera. A very funny comedian, from the Bronx, been doing this like 15 years, and now he’s finally getting known. He’s on tour with Fluffy, so that’s a good way for him to get known. I think he’s one of the funniest guys in America. So I pray for you Mark! Mark Veira! And Cipha Sounds 2019. Maybe 2019.

Casey Balsham (@CaseyBalsham)

The comic I think is going to break out in 2016 is Megan Gaily. I think she’s getting a lot of good stuff right now. She killed it on Conan and has a couple of other things in the works. I think she’s really doing a lot of good stuff for comedy and I really hope that she does break out, and I think that she will.

Big Jay Oakerson (@BigJayOakerson)

The comedian who is going to break out in 2016 is none other than my radio partner, Mr. Daniel Soder. Dan monster voice Soder has had quite a year. Just filmed his own hour special for Comedy Central that I went to, and the filming was amazing. He’s got a role in a new Showtime series coming out, we’ll get to see his dramatic side, and he’s part of a little fantastic show called the Bonfire. Thankfully resting on my shoulders I’m going to carry him to victory in the calendar year 2016.

Gary Vidar (@GaryVidar)

I think the comedian that will have a big 2016 is Dan Soder. He has an hour comedy central special coming out. He’s really funny, really relatable on stage and he has great jokes.

Kurt Metzger (@KurtMetzger)

The comedian I think should blow up in 2016 is a guy named Nick Mullen. Who is hysterical and he does this hilarious fake mommy blog under the name Nicole Mullen which you should check out. One of the funniest dudes I’ve ever met, he’s from Austin Texas and I think he lives in Chinatown with 12 chinese guys and sleeps on a board. I shit you not. So that guy, check his work out if you can. It’s great. And he’s also the funniest guy on twitter hands down. Absolutely the funniest guy on twitter. And check out Nicole Mullin’s Mommy Blog- not the gospel singer.

Emma Willmann (@EmmaWillmann)

I think some of the breakout comedians of 2016 are going to be Corrinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. They’re on the top of the iTunes charts with their podcast and they’re just building building building.. They’re super fresh, I think they’re going to pop off this year. Nathan Macintosh has been doing his thing. Once he gets a late night spot and everyone gets a chance to see him, I think he’s going to really blow up. Also Anthony DeVito, he just taped Adam Devine’s House Party. I think once he gets some exposure I think everyone will fall in love with his jokes. And then the comedian who I think is going to have the biggest year– has been laying the ground work with really out here, grinding, just starting to get some tv love is Yamaneika Saunders. She’s been out for a long time, really killing it, not really getting any industry attention. But then she got Last Comic, and the morning show- Meredith Videira. I think that she’s just plotting her way up and I think that this year, if things go right she could really take it to another level.

Jon Glaser

I think one of 2016’s breakout comedian is going to be a woman named Jo Firestone. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for her, she is super weird and strange and funny as hell. She’s doing very interesting comedy and odd shows around New York. I hope big things await her.

Nate Bargatze (@NateBargatze)

The comic that I thinks gonna blow up in 2016 and have a good year, I’m going to go with Dave Smith. He’s a very funny comic, very political and he’s super funny. It’s election year and I think it’s the perfect timing. Perfect storm for him to take off, so I think he’s going to be huge. Check out Dave Smith.

Luis J. Gomez (@LuisJGomez)

I think the comedian that’s going to blow up next year is none other than my very good friend Gary Vider. Not only am I saying this because Gary had an amazing successful run on America’s Got Talent NBC, not only am I saying this because Gary had an unbelievable Late Night debut last year on Conan, but I”m also saying this because I have a feeling if you ask him, I would also be the comic that he named. And if he doesn’t name me, he can go fuck himself, I take it back and I pick Dave Smith.

Greg Stone (@gregstone_)

I think Anthony DeVito and Doug Smith are the two best comics. Anthony is just killing. It’s way past his time. The guys always got killer punchlines. And Doug Smith, who nobody knows exists is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen. Killer all the time.

Sherrod Small (@sherrodsmall)

I think the comedian who is going to break out in 2016 is Jordan Rock. That’s right, Jordan Rock check him out get on the ground floor. Jordan Rock blowing up 2016.

A lot of comics picked some real unknowns to take it in 2016…. 

Mark Normand (@MarkNormand)

The comic I think is going to blow up in 2016- old Amy Schumer. I’m joking- she’s doing just fine. Honestly, I think Joe List is going to take it. He’s a cute kid from Boston, hilarious, he’s got all the makes of a comedian. Sad, anxious, nervous, gay, so he’s really going to take it I think. He’s doing great so far, he’s on a good clip, got a good momentum going, and he’s poor so that’s good motivation. Plus he’s getting old, he’s white and he has STDs so that will really motivate a guy.

Lisa Lampanelli (@LisaLampanelli)

Hey it’s Lisa Lampinelli the Queen of Mean and I think the comedian who is really going to blow up this year is going to be miss Amy Schumer that’s one and a Mr. Louis CK. I think these two kids are coming up, I think these kids are going to grab the brass ring. and I couldn’t doubt for a second that everyone is going to know their names by then end of 2016. But that’s just me. I also predicted Joan Rivers would live to 100 so what the hell do I know. God bless you, Merry Christmas and Suck My Big One.

Doug Benson (@DougBenson)

I think the comedian that’s going to blow up in 2016 is a young man named Ron Funches who you may have seen on the show Undateable. And he’s got a part in the Will Ferrell Kevin Hart movie, Get Hard, and I really think he’s going to be big in the next year because I’ve gone up against him on @midnight twice and that son of a bitch beat me both times. So he’s one to watch. Keep an eye on Ron Funches.

Rich Vos (@RichVos)

2016 I think breaks out comics Louis CK and Amy Schumer. I think it’s going to be their year in 2016, Right? No? Okay that’s lame. Why is that lame? Okay its lame. Bonnie doesn’t like that answer. Because I don’t know any of the new comics. Bonnie: the joke would have been if you said Amy soomer? Am I saying her name correctly? Rich: oh really you are giving me acting lessons here? 2016 is going to be the year of the unhipster. 2016. Its going to be my year.

Some of the comics we asked dove right into the self promotion pool….

Don Jamieson (@RealDonJamieson)

I think in 2016 there’s a couple of people who are going to have a breakout year. There are these comics who do these CDs called terrorizing telemarketers. Their names are Jim Florentine and Don Jamison. Their new one vol 6 just went number 2 on the iTunes charts so those guys are hot property. Other than them I would say Charlie Sheen. He’s going to have a big year as a comic.

….Then again some people go a different route from the self promotional road….

Jim Norton (@JimNorton)

In 2016 I think possibly Esther Ku. She’s really funny and she gets a visceral reaction from people and she had quite a shitty upbringing. I think that all goes into making a great comedian. And Jermaine Fowler is another guy who is doing really well. And he’s a decent actor, he performs without any shame which is really good for a comedian who is about to become famous. But I’ll tell you who is not going to break out. Me. I’ve fucking peaked folks.

Robert Kelly (@RobertKelly)

I’ve been asked to tell you I think is going to blow up. I could be honest, or I could be funny. If I was to be funny I could say Luis J. Gomez is the next big thing. And the reason that would be funny is because you really know that isn’t going to happen. Hang on one second, my kid just walked in. ‘Hey I told you I was doing something.’ Sorry. I’ll tell you who is not going to blow up, it’s Bob Kelly how’s that. ‘You hear this?’ This is the problem. My wife just had me wipe poo off the toilet seat from a shit I took earlier. Do you understand where I am in life? Do you understand how awful it is to ask me who is going to be the next thing? Cause it hasn’t happened to you. No one’s ever said Bob Kelly, I guarantee that. I know I’m not coming up on a list. God I’m finsihed. I just wiped poo off the seat from myself and now I have to do this. There’s my two year old banging on my door. I live in a three bedroom ranch in Westchester. I’m done. Alright you guys want to know whose going to be the next big thing whose gonna have it all, the industry is going to love? I would say, I take that whole thing back about Luis Gomez cause you never know. Maybe he is the next big thing. Maybe his show on Sirius just explodes. And then he starts doing things with the UFC and then some controversy some weird sex tape comes out with his weird uncircumsized PR penis and then all these chicks want to bang him. He’s in some type of Tarantino movie as that guy. So it’s probably going to be him. I would say Luis J. Gomez. No joking around. That is who is going to be famous. He’s got the gomites. He’s got the real ass dude fans. It’s not going to be me. So why not him.

…And finally, it might be a long shot, but then again…you never know.

Judah Friedlander (@JudahWorldChamp)

It’s Judah Friedlander, the World Champion and you guys want to know who is going to be the breakout star this year in comedy? I’m thinking its going to be TROY AIKMAN. Troy was always hilarious. You know I mean he was a great quarterback and even though I wasn’t a fan of Dallas Cowboys I was like, this guys just funny. You can see how he takes those snaps. Imagine when he calls out those plays and the post game interviews. And now he’s actually got a commercial out where people are for real getting to be able to see his comedic side. I really think its going ot be Troy Aikman. He’s from Texas and Texas really has a lot of comedy clubs, you know the comedy scene is really growing there and I think Troy with his all American looks and lets face it, like me, he’s a great athlete. Athletes make the best comedians. You know a lot of comedians out there are so called these great comics but I think I disagree and I disagree with their athletic background. But Troy has what it takes and I’ve helped other Athletes before. Mick Foley. Does stand up now. He was one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever. I helped him a lot when he first started doing stand up and I think Troy Aikman is going to be next.

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