The Comedian Who Changed My Life is Jimmy Kimmel


The Comedian Who Changed My Life is a new series where comics talk about, you guessed it, the comedian who changed their life.  This week, why Adam Carolla picked Jimmy Kimmel.

Hey this is Adam Carolla, and the comedian who saved my life is, Jimmy Kimmel. I know it sounds very pedestrian, but people don’t realize, I met that guy– I was swinging a hammer, working in a boxing gym. He bent over backwards to get me in radio, and not only backwards, well, forwards every once in a while. Yeah, cause I’d get behind him. Either way, he made sure that not only I got on radio but that I stayed on radio, and to this day has not stopped doing things for my career. I would say the super magnanimous– in a world, by the way, in radio– very competitive. People don’t like new people coming up and doing comedy. Jimmy again, did everything he could do to get me into radio. I was his boxing instructor, and he didn’t care that I’d never done radio, and that I taught boxing for a living. He got me on the radio and a year later I was doing Loveline, and the rest is history. And for that reason, I give him 50 dollars a week. I think he’s doing mid days on some am station out of Tampa. Anyway, he landed on his feet. I still feel like i should kick down a little just to make ends meet. Thank you and mahalo.

adamcarollaComedian, tv host, radio host and podcaster Adam Carolla first became known as the host of the massively popular radio (and later tv) show Loveline, and then as co-host of The Man Show.  He currently hosts the world’s  most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carolla Show.  Carolla also has a brand new book out, “President Me: The America That’s In My Head” which you can order on  Visit to get more information on the show and everything else Adam.  You can also follow Adam on twitter @adamcarolla.

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