The Comedian Who Changed My Life Is Richard Lewis


The Comedian Who Changed My Life is a series where comics talk about, you guessed it, the comedian who changed their life.

Hey it’s Artie Lange, and the comedian who changed my life is Richard Lewis. 1986 or 86 he had his first special…on, I think Showtime. I always wanted to get into show business but Richard Lewis made me want to get into Stand Up Comedy.

I thought his jokes were amazing. I thought he was hilarious. I thought his delivery was original. And I was lucky enough to get into the business and meet him. And he’s a good man. He’s not disappointing to meet. Just as funny off stage. So my guy is Richard Lewis. I saw him at Carnegie Hall in the 80s. I saw him at Caroline’s by myself in the 80s. So…big fan. Much props to Richard Lewis.

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