The Comedian Who Changed My Life is Rodney Dangerfield

jackie and rodneyThe Comedian Who Changed My Life is a new series where comics talk about, you guessed it, the comedian who changed their life.

Hi I’m Jackie Martling and by far the comedian who changed my life is Rodney Dangerfield.  I was such a huge fan whenever he did his Tonight Show appearances in the 70’s.  I was a musician, I wasn’t a comedian and I just loved him. And then in 1979 I started telling my jokes on stage and I’d just tell joke jokes. But I wound up hooking up with Rodney when he returned my phone calls– I had sent him jokes in the mail and he called me up. And he was like a joke guy, like a rapid fire joke joke joke guy. I got to go away with him.

And his name was– it still is such an entree in the comedy world, that it changed my life. He just changed my life. And he was just maybe just the funniest human being ever, and I owe so much to him.  So he changed my life.

So thank you Rodney.

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