Ted Alexandro Performs On The Late Late Show

Ted Alexandro got a warm welcome from the crowd on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Ted was appearing to promote his comedy CD, “I Did It”.

During his set, Ted wasn’t feeling his best. He’s not feeling old, just kind of old. He’s at that age when your Facebook friends start dying off. He’s past trying to feel young and Ted is really over the feeling of love.

The man has some problems with wedding vows, including the word “vow” itself. Ted thinks marriage should be less about the commitment and more like running into an old friend. And if Ted Alexandro didn’t have enough problems growing older, there’s also a flow situation. He explains how it’s a lot like being an old rapper.

Ted of course, is also one of the creators of the hit digital series Teachers Lounge. Watch the season one finale now.

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