July 11, 2017

Deon Cole Approaches Stand Up, Acting, From A Different Perspective

By all accounts, it should be next to impossible to get Deon Cole on the phone. The incredibly prolific comedian and actor has a formidable portfolio […]
June 23, 2016

Chicago’s Only Black Owned Comedy Club Closing Its Doors

Chicago Institution Jokes and Notes Closes This Weekend The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Chicago is losing an important part of its comedy landscape. Legendary […]
June 2, 2016

Deon Cole’s First Hour Special Coming to Comedy Central

  Comedy Central announced today that comedian Deon Cole has filmed a one hour special, called Deon Cole: Cole Blooded, for the network that will air […]
April 14, 2016

Deon Cole Turns the Tables on Controversial Gap Ad

Wednesday night Conan and comedian/Conan writer Deon Cole responded to the recent Gap Ad controversy.
January 16, 2016

Inside Angie Tribeca With Andrée Vermeulen

We talked with Angie Tribeca co-star, the charming, beautiful and very funny Andrée Vermeulen about what the new series is all about, the details on the crazy way TBS is launching the series, why you should never combine sawdust and Mr. Bubble, and why you absolutely don't want to miss the world premiere of Season One of Angie Tribeca, starting at 10pm on Sunday.
December 19, 2015

The Clubs Speak! The Best Stand Up Comedy Moments of 2015! (As Decided by the Club Owners, Bookers and People Who Produce Comedy)

Over the next two weeks, you’ll see all of our picks for the greatest comedy releases and greatest moments in comedy of 2015. But if you want to know what really happened in comedy in 2015, you have to go to the source- the comedy clubs.
June 16, 2015

Deon Cole Steps in For Conan to Take On Rachel Dolezal

Conan wisely chose not to touch the hot button issue of Rachel Dolezal's racial identity issues. Yes Conan, you are way too white to get involved in this. So he turned the floor over to comedian and Conan writer Deon Cole.
February 8, 2015

Comedy In Chicago is Stronger Than Ever: Your Guide to What, Where and When in the Second City

If you are a stand-up comedy fan that's new to Chicago, or just visiting or considering visiting, this is the guide that has you covered. Chicago has one of the best scenes in the country with great stand-up show seven days a week that includes open mics, major clubs with national headliners, and strong local acts just about to break.
November 10, 2014

Comedians On Late Night TV Monday November 10: Eric Idle, Deon Cole, Eliza Coupe and More

Welcome to a week of funny in late night.
November 6, 2014

Why Roast Battle is Becoming The Biggest Can’t Miss Show in Comedy

Roast Battle is the ultimate “you had to be there” experience, and fortunately New Yorkers will get the chance Saturday November 8th thanks to the New York Comedy Festival. It’s what you’d get if you combined 8 Mile style rap battles with a Comedy Central Roast and held it at a circus. Roast Battle is the brainchild of comedians Rell Battle and Brian Moses, who took a couple of comedians trading barbs at a late night open mic and turned it into a standing room only weekly event in The Comedy Store’s Belly Room.
June 17, 2014

Jesse Joyce, Deon Cole And Brendon Walsh Play WTFDA On @Midnight

Jesse Joyce takes a commanding lead over Deon Cole and Brendon Walsh on @Midnight when it comes to giving new slogans to some foreign products.
June 16, 2014

Comedians On Late Night TV Monday June 16: Wanda Sykes, Jesse Joyce, Lennon Parham, and More

Comedians On Late Night TV Monday June 16: Wanda Sykes, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jesse Joyce, Lennon Parham, Chris D'Elia and More