Up Next…Michael Che: A look through the lens in NY comedy

Michael Che Stand Up Spotlight 1

Photographer Phil Provencio caught  on camera at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  The show is called Broken Comedy, and the venue- one of our favorites in New York City- is a motorcycle racing bar by day.  There’s a genuine CBGB “someone trashed the bathroom” vibe going on a Bar Matchless and the Broken Comedy Show is a perfect fit.

Michael Che Stand Up Spotlight 3


It’s absolutely one of the toughest rooms around, there are no easy laughs – so if you can get them to laugh here you’re rockstar status. As you can tell from the crowd shot, Che is a rockstar.

crowd michael che comedy spotlight

This particular night it was comedian Nimesh Patel’s birthday show. Nimesh is one of the co-founders & rotating hosts of the Broken Comedy Show.   Whenever it’s someones birthday here there’s usually a lot of cheap champagne going around, and for some reason, skittles.

Micheal Che Stand Up Spotlight 2pg

Che isn’t doing much- just writing and performing for live television on one of the most profilic shows on television every week. You may have heard of it– it’s called .  He also is one of the strongest stand up comedians peforming today.  Any chance you get to see Che on stage, take it. He’s the real deal.

michael che stand up spolight 4

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Phil Provencio is a fast rising New York based photographer and graphic designer highlighting the comedy scene in the city and abroad. His galleries can be seen at the Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground in Greenwich Village and Carolines On Broadway in Times Square. When not out shooting headshots or shows, you can find him exploring the city for photos he contributes regularly to Urban Outfitters and their print shops.