The Stand Comedy Club Goes Out With a Very Loud Bang #TheLastStand

Last night The Stand Comedy Club said goodbye to their Third Street location with a blow out six plus hour show featuring over 40 comedians a very dedicated audience of comedy super fans, and an open bar party that packed out the entire club and the sidewalk from 8pm till some time after 2am.

It was a fitting tribute to a club that has given stage time to plenty of comedy giants  Janeane Garofalo, Rich Vos, Ari Shaffir, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Bill Burr, T.J. Miller, Kevin Hart, Colin Quinn, Gilbert Gottfried, Ali Wong and Louis C.K. to name a few, and has given a start and a home to plenty of performers who will be the future giants of comedy.

 and  said goodbye to their 6 year home by inviting all the comedians who have ever performed there and a packed house of regular audience members to drink up all their booze (for free) and celebrate comedy.  Aaron Berg hosted the six-hour edition of Frantic (which by the way will continue through the summer at pop up venues, and then later at the new location) and hundreds of fans and performers came out to celebrate.

The list of performers included Petey DeAbreau, Janeane Garofalo, Dean Delray, Bonnie McFarlane, Roy Wood Jr., Judah Friedlander, Monroe Martin, Sean Patton, Yamaneika Saunders, Dan St. Germain, Sherrod Small, Rich Vos, Yannis Pappas, Mark Normand, Joe List, Christian Finnegan, Sarah Tollemache, Nikki Glaser, Paul Virzi, Gibran Saleem, Ron Bennington, Tim Dillon, Dave Attell, Matteo Lane, Ari Shaffir, Josh Wesson, Ben DeMarco, Luis J. Gomez, Big Jay Oakerson, Jourdain Fisher, Nick Mullen, Stavors Halkias, Derek Gains, Justin Silver, Giulio Gallarotti, Ian Lara, Ricky Velez and more.

Of course we wouldn’t have missed The End of The Stand party for anything- the Stand has been a second comedy home to us, where we’ve not only produced shows but we’re always welcome to stop in and check out whatever’s happening.

As always, when there’s a major event in comedy, we are there with a bad camera to capture the comedy glitterati, and we’ll be adding names in so check back later to see who is who if you’re not a New York comedy scene fanatic. If you missed the big party you still have one last night to say goodbye, tonight the final final shows include Alia Janine’s Tuesday open mic, a show for HBO, and the final Roastmasters battle in this location.  Be the last fan to sit at your favorite table tonight.

It’s not totally over, The Stand will be back at a location very nearby the O.G., so this is not goodbye, and we’ll keep you updated.  See you in September!

But first…here’s how it all began…

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Heading to @thestandnyc tonight for the last Frantic… this is a picture of the stage being built back in 2012 (which I‘m pretty sure I took on a blackberry)… I will miss this physical space so much, but The Stand has become more than just walls… it’s a community and I have all the confidence in the world that the new spot will keep that community going & growing! The lineup tonight is just absolutely incredible!!! Swipe right to see all the performers from a picture I stole from the man who started it all, @cringehumor… Patrick @pitalia212 @criscitalia & @davekimowitz surpassed all our expectations with this venue! They still have day one staff @emmpathy (my very first hire) @grahambennettnyc & @chisowicked holding it down and oh my god, what would any of us have ever done without @lavoro_adele! All the guys and gals that have come and gone over the years have left a mark on my life. Working at that club is an opportunity I will always be grateful for. Thank you for letting me be a part of this family and always giving me a place to go to see a friendly face! Here’s to new beginnings!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Judah Friedlander halfway up the stairs from the showroom.


The Vos Family, Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane, and Reina


Aaron Berg, out front smoking.


Comedy Supercouple Sarah Tollemache and Joe List with Mark Normand


Manager of The Stand and future filmmaker Adele Carollo


Fresh off taping his Netflix special, Big Jay Oakerson


Justin Silver and Corrinne Fisher


Matteo Lane and Ron Bennington


Dave Attell’s last time on Stage at The Stand


Alia Janine and Kevin Farley Say Goodbye to the Stand


Tim Dillon and his thumb.


Monroe Martin on Stage One Last Time at The Stand


Sherrod Small out front with owner Paul Italia


Yannis Pappas holding court


Petey DeAbreau is all smiles with Yamaneika, D. Gaines, Rich Vos and Ronnie B behind him


Maddy Ice! Who you usually know and love because she’s bringing you drinks.


Aaron Berg smoking in his “office”.


Derek Gaines aka D. Gaines


Rich Vos on stage– sitting down. Remember he was first.


Neko White in the middle of a big crowd.


Alia Janine with owner Patrick Milligan


Emily at the host stand for the last time with Kay!


Pat Dixon in front of Paddy Maguires


Christian Finnegan making sure you know where it all happens.


Ronnie B on stage one last time


Dan J. Perlman never misses a big comedy moment.


Ari Shaffir talks with Patrick Milligan about the new club.


Early in the night before it got crowded


Stavros Halkias showing off some fantastic dental work.


Ian Fidance and Super Manager Joe Harary (who we left out of our goodbye article and we will feel bad about for ever).

Becky Astphan, and new truTV exec Steve Wettenstein


Matt Pavich, Ian Lara, Jordain Fisher and former Stand server Lilly!


Larry and Lori! Comedy super fans and authors of 42 Great Summer Reads.


Lily and Dean Delray in the smokers corner.


Super producer Luisa Diez


If you’ve been to The Stand, you know Graham! First time we’ve seen him not dressed in black.


Kay at the comics table.


Amy Shankar got right off a plane and ran over to the Stand, luggage still in hand.


Comedy photographer Phil Provencio, thinking

Giulio Gallerotti out front


Christine Marie Evans and Sherrod Small getting serious out front.


Joe Harary and Em Cohen holding down the fort.


The downstairs bar.




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