SNL 40: Alums Recreate Favorite Characters with Celebrity Jeopardy, Wayne’s World, Bass-O-Matic and a Musical Medley

snl characters return

Last night the Saturday Night Live 40 year celebration was an epic event, filled with comedy giants paying tribute to a show that has proven itself to be a true anchor in the world of comedy.
As part of the three and a half hour celebration, a few famous former SNL castmembers reprised their old roles, bringing back great memories and huge applause from the all star audience.  

Will Ferrell brought back his fan favorite Celebrity Jeopardy sketch with a lot more than 3 contestants.  Darrell Hammond played the ever popular and always confused Sean Connery who loves categories like Whore ads (or Who Reads),  Kate McKinnon channeled Justin Bieber, and Alec Baldwin as Alec Baldwin.  They were soon joined by Burt Reynolds/Turd Ferguson (Norm MacDonald), Christoph Waltz (Taran Killam), Matthew McConaughey (Jim Carrey) with a special video question by Bill Cosby (Kenan Thompson).

Later in the show Mike Myers and Dana Carvey brought back Waynes World, like it was still 1988. Channel 10, Aurora, Illinois, Cable Access was back on the air for the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live. Mike Myers and Dana Carver returned as Wayne and Garth to present a top 10 list about what makes SNL so excellent. The list included everything from satire to wigs. The sketch also included Kanye West doing his best to prove he can go with the bit and make fun of himself. But that line about Beyonce had to really hurt.

But the most popular character revival of the night had to be, Dan Aykroyd’s update to the Super Bass-O-Matic.

Other alum recreation performances include Bill Murray reprising his role as Nick the Lounge Singer, and a list of quick musical performances in the super medley lead by Martin Short and Maya Rudolph as Beyonce. In addition to Murray’s Lounge Singer, the SNL 40 character musical performance included Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig back as the always unprepared Garth and Kat, who still couldn’t stay in character. Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer returned as Marty Culp and Bobbi Mohan-Culp who head up the music department at Alta Dena Middle School. Joe Piscopo put on the wig  to recreate his Frank Sinatra while Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi put the dark sunglasses back on as the Blues Brothers which they still perform live in shows around the country. Dana Carvey was on piano as Derek Stevens and was “Choppin’ Broccoli”. In one of his musical performances of the night, Adam Sandler performed as Opera Man. Kenan Thompson’s DeAndre Cole was asking the musical question, “What’s Up With That?” An exciting part of the musical segment was the Egyptian sarcophagus opening to reveal Steve Martin doing his comedy hit, “King Tut”.

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