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Joe Machi is taking America by storm on  NBC’s Last Comic Standing. The Judges love him and America loves him. Now there are only four comedians left vying for the title of Last Comic Standing and Joe is one of them. Even before hitting NBC’s stage, Joe was touring and winning contests. He’s also become a staple in the New York City comedy clubs. He hosts a weekly show at Caroline’s Comedy Club with his comedy partner Sam Morril– “The Sam and Joe Show” — and appears regularly on SiriusXM’s Ron and Fez Show. With all that’s been going on for Joe this year, we were excited that our own RJ Waldron grabbed a few minutes of Joe’s time, to catch up with Joe and find out how he’s been enjoying his LCS success.

The IBang: The word on the street is that it’s the Summer of Joe. You’ve absolutely killed on Last Comic Standing. How has being on the show changed your daily life? Are you being recognized more than before?

It is definitely the summer of Joe! For once the street is right. They’re usually wrong like when they tell people drugs are cool. I get recognized all the time. This means people know who I am and try to go to my shows. Which has never happened before.

The IBang: What is your favorite moment that has either aired on TV or behind the scenes from Last Comic Standing?

Passing the prelims. That meant I would get to be seen on TV at least twice. Judging art is arbitrary so I really felt lucky.

The IBang: Did you “geek out” meeting any of the comedians or special guests on Last Comic Standing?

Not really. I’m already geeked out to begin with according to my high school classmates. Stand up comedy is a small world. I’ve already had a chance to meet a lot of famous people.

The IBang: It’s so funny to me that a guy as hilarious as you, works in HR, that just doesn’t seem quite right. Have you finally quit your day job?

I finally quit. A lot of comics work as waitors or in clubs so they have to work when they should be telling jokes. Having a day job while doing comedy was hard but at least I wasn’t working at the right time.

The IBang: You have a hilarious love/hate relationship with Sam Morril. How did you guys meet? Tell us about the Sam & Joe ShowSunday nights at Carolines?

Sam and I met in our first comedy class at the Comic Strip taught by DF Sweedler. I remember thinking “this guy isn’t a good person but he’s funny.” We’ve been friends ever since and run a show together Sundays at Carolines where they book the best comics around.

The IBang: What’s next for Joe Machi?

I think I’m going to make a big sandwich. Later this year I’m going on tour with the other final five Last Comic Standing contestants.

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