Sebastian Maniscalco Makes It To The Couch on The Late Show


Not only did Sebastian Maniscalco crush it performing stand up on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he also made a bit of personal history for himself. After his set, it was the first time Sebastian had done panel on a late night talk show. And good news, he’s every bit as funny sitting down as he is standing up.

Sebastian started his set by thanking the audience who had waited in the rain before the taping to get in to see the Late Show. He won them over immediately, but then any audience member who’s found dry shelter is going to be really receptive. After that, it was 6 minutes of hysterical voices, accents and facial expressions that stretched to the back of the room as he prowled across the Ed Sullivan Theater stage. Sebastian talked about the the different levels of Uber. You can tell that he really likes saying the word “Uber”, but that may be all he likes about it. Sebastian is a world class comedic critic and besides that, who even knew there was an “Uber Kitten”? He’s also not happy with the idea behind Airbnb and he talked about why he hates staying in other people’s homes.

Once he made it to Colbert’s guest chair, the complaints kept coming. As he explained to the host why he considers himself to be the “behavior police” and he comes right after you people who insist on having white carpet in your homes with your no shoes policy. Plus, if you watch the clip below, you’ll find out that stand up comedy is not the first gig Sebastian Maniscalco has had in show business. It’s true, he’s a graduate from a crash course in the Rocky Balboa school of child modeling.

Sebastian Maniscalco was named this year’s Just For Laughs Festival Stand Up Comedian of the Year in Montreal and he’s currently on the road with his “Why Would You Do That? Tour” with shows coming up in Rochester, Toronto, Chicago, Atlantic City and more. Go to for tickets.

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