Rap’s Most Hilarious Songs (and Comedy’s Dopest Rap)

Rap is a genre that has always been easier for its artists to make a funny song that not only sounds great, but will make you laugh. There was a very special algorithm that went into choosing these songs to go on the list which consisted of having a sick beat, a good music video, great lyrics and general hilarity. Feel free to use this playlist as a start for your next Apple Music or Spotify playlist and maybe even add on any you think deserved to make the list!

Eminem – Ass Like that

Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of our time because of his controversial and funny lyrics. In this song, he calls out a few celebrities like Jessica Simpson and the Olsen Twins for their nice butts which would usually make you cringe, but Eminem’s lines are just that good that you can’t help but laugh.


Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

This group is originally from Oakland, California and instantly became popular after this song. The leader of the group named Shock G is known as “Humpty Hump”. When this song came out, it took over the charts with its catchy funny lyrics and cool dance. The Humpty Dance came out in 1990 and to this day you can still catch people doing these dance moves.


Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Not all breakup songs are sad, which is what this song by Biz Markie brought to light. It’s one of the funniest stories ever told in a rap song about finding out that a girl you liked, was into another dude. If you throw this song on at any party, everyone will start reciting every word. Who would’ve thought a bad situation would make for such a hilarious story?


Afroman – Because I Got High

When you think of the funniest rap song, the first song that comes to mind is this one. Its lyrics are so hilarious that you wonder at first listen if it was meant to even be a song. This song is a classic and the lyrics are so simple that it’s hard not to sing along. Not to mention, it’s probably one of the best songs about smoking.


Lil Dicky – $ave Dat Money

Lil Dicky is a dude from Cheltenham, PA who got his start making funny rap videos on YouTube and turned that into a career as a legitimate rapper, being named to XXL magazine’s freshman class and getting Snoop Dogg on his debut album. The song itself is hilarious, but taking the general concept of being cheap in the song and putting together a typical flashy rap video on as little money as possible is a hilarious concept that Dicky pulls off flawlessly.


The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat

It’s hard to choose just one Lonely Island song when every single song they release is not only a catchy beat, but a genuinely funny comedy sketch. The reason I’m On A Boat wins over other classics like Dick in a Box, YOLO, or Jizz In My Pants (just to name a few) is because to this day, there is still a good chance of hearing it if you are out at a bar with your friends. And it will get you just as hyped up as it did the first time you heard it.


Aaron Out – Wawa Hoagies

This song has an incredibly catchy slow beat that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear listed under any of the top rappers today. Except nothing could ever beat this because it’s about something much more important than anything else…delicious Wawa hoagies. If you don’t play this every time you unwrap a fresh hoagie from Wawa then you may be missing out on one of the few joys left in life.


Sir Mix-a-Lot – Baby Got Back

This is a song that you’ve definitely heard at any bar mitzvah, wedding or birthday party you’ve been to in the last twenty years. Without this song, how would your aunt get to show the world that she thinks that she has a great ass!? Now Sir Mix-a-Lot just gets to relax the rest of his life away as you hear this song at countless basketball games and during commercials for potato chips.


D12 – My Band

Eminem’s second appearance on the list is from his time with the rap group D12 where Eminem showed off his comedic chops once again with this satire of boy bands. Now, if you heard this song when it came out, it was hilarious because rap had just about laid the final nail in the coffin of the boy band phenomenon of the early aughts.

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