Up Next… Judah Friedlander. Through the Lense of New York Comedy

Judah Friedlander Photo Credit Phil Provencio

Photographer Phil Provencio caught World Champion Judah Friedlander on a rainy Wednesday night in Greenwich Village. He was photographed just a block from the infamous Comedy Cellar on Minetta Lane right next to village institutions Cafe Wha? and the Minetta Tavern.

Judah Friedlander Photo Credit Phil Provencio

It was pouring out that night, and Judah was running late to his cellar spots on a typically busy three spot night. He was also going up at the Village Underground and The Stand. In true world champ fashion, one minute he was there, and the next he disappeared into the night.

But before he was gone he told us  “I’m doing a mix of new stuff right now. Tweaking the Oscars bit, working on filming my own feature length or one hour + album special soon. But yeah, a lot of  new stuff as well as adding onto that I already have.”

judah friedlander Photo Credit: Phil Provencio

Judah is a world class  headlining stand up comic, illustrator, author of two books, and champion of all he surveys. His new stand up movie and album will be out later this year called America is the Greatest Country in the United States. You’ve also seen him on “30 Rock”, VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” MTV’s “Wonder Showzen,” “The Tonight Show with ”, “Late Night with O’Brien”, “ with ,” “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,”The Tonight Show with ,  in “Meet the Parents,” “Zoolander,” “Date Movie,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Feast,” “Showtime,” “Duane Hopwood” and “American Splendor,” and more.

Don’t miss anything in the Judah-verse, by following him on Twitter @JudahWorldChamp and visiting his website judahfriedlander.com. His new book, If the Raindrops United, is a must have for your shelves if you ever plan on impressing anyone. Buy it now on Amazon.

Judah Friedlander d by Phil Provencio

All photos copyright Phil Provencio. Photographer Phil Provencio is a New York based photographer and graphic designer.  Phil photographs the comedy scene here in New York and gets to photograph some of the most amazing and funniest people on the planet.  He has galleries up at the world famous Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground, and at Carolines in Times Square.  Phil’s work has appeared in TIMEOUT NY Magazine, VARIETY, SNL, Late Night w/ , CBS & Paste Magazine which named him one of the top working comedy photographers around the globe


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Phil Provencio is a fast rising New York based photographer and graphic designer highlighting the comedy scene in the city and abroad. His galleries can be seen at the Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground in Greenwich Village and Carolines On Broadway in Times Square. When not out shooting headshots or shows, you can find him exploring the city for photos he contributes regularly to Urban Outfitters and their print shops.