Pablo Francisco Suffers Bizarre Meltdown on Stage, Leaves Club on a Stretcher

This weekend, comedian showed why taking care of one’s mental health is so important.

When the comic took to the stage of Sacramento’s Punch Line Comedy Club on Saturday night, people in the audience could tell that something wasn’t quite right with him. Early into his set, Francisco began manically rambling and clearly became flustered when the crowd wasn’t responding well to his bits. A friend, Steve Kramer, got on stage with him in an attempt to gently talk him down and save the set, but Francisco wasn’t having it. An angry audience member approached the stage to request Francisco wrap his set up, and when the comic leaned in to speak to the man, he fell off the stage. He quickly got back up, but spent the rest of his time on stage seemingly stuck in a loop, repeating himself over and over again as the audience, along with Kramer, became increasingly concerned. Francisco was eventually escorted off stage and shortly after, was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

A member of the audience recorded most of the set. The video is tough to watch, as Francisco is clearly not well. When asked for comment, Francisco’s manager Debbie Keller told The Sacramento Bee that while she did not have an update on Francisco’s condition, she could say that “he’s refocusing his efforts on his personal life and getting the help he needs.”

On Sunday, the comic apologized to his fans on Twitter. His first post alluded to an elbow injury sustained from his fall and implied that he’d be performing the last night of his scheduled 4-night stint at the club. The second post, made only 2 hours later, simply stated that he was going to “rest up, heal up, and be back better than ever.” His manager says that he will be taking a break from performing “not indefinitely — but for the time being.”




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Bill Tressler

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