Everybody Shut Up: A Look Back Review and Recap of ‘No You Shut Up!’ Episode 4.4

paul f tompkins 4.4

No, You Shut Up! Episode 4.4 Recap

The political fur keeps flying and we’re another week closer to electing a new president. Every Thursday night Paul F. Tompkins and his felty team of opinionated puppets and guests are there for us to help sort it all out.  This week, some big news, NYSU! doubles its human cast welcoming Rhea Butcher aboard the SS NYSU.

NYSU! continues to be the smartest show on television covering the election even though only two of its cast members are people, or perhaps because only two of its cast members are people. The NYSU! puppets take on all sides of politics with host Paul F. Tompkins as our wisdom-icious guide. This week’s episode of No You Shut Up! said goodbye to Jeb Bush, hello to a new human field correspondent, welcomed SNL’s Bobby Moynihan to get some excitement going about the vote, and Time columnist Joel Stein sits in to help us all better understand Bernie Sanders.

Tompkins opened the show with pundits Ned Cooper Science Grouper, along with Representative Oliver Pouch and Revered Document the Constitution to say goodbye to Jeb Bush in his always popular segment, Shut Up the Vote.  Everyone has opinions but it’s The Constitution who sums everything up best saying “that’s a lot of money to have an angry carrot call you a loser for three months.” We also learn that it’s just not cool to call the Constitution a loser.

shut up the vote

Super Guest Bobby Moynihan really shook things up with a momentus appearance this week. Moynihan not only taught us that Bert is not a nickname for Robert, he also rocked a killer Trump impression (what are you waiting for SNL?), told us the secret SNL buzzword is “Teb Cruise” and created an inspiring series of educational sketches with NYSU correspondent, Hot Dog. Voting is so cool, basketball goggles are so cool, and even jail is cool. You’ll be hashtagging #VotingIsABasketball all month, and I’m talking March, not February.

Bobby Moynihan and HOt Dog

It’s really hard to follow Hot Dog shooting hoops, but journalist and author Joel Stein dives right in doing some impressive role playing with Paul. Paul and Joel trade off playing Bernie Sanders to demonstrate just how obsessed, ahem, devoted Bernie Sanders is to the issue of wealth inequality. Joel and Paul both deliver great Bernie Sanders impressions, although Paul’s might have a little Larry David blended in there, but that doesn’t make anyone love it any less.  A special report from Judy Goodstuff about Joel reveals too much about him, and even more too muchier about Judy Goodstuff.

 joel stein

Congratulations to brand new field correspondent for the NYSU! team, Rhea Butcher on the new gig.  America, get ready because you haven’t loved a woman reporting news this much since Rachel Maddow captivated the hearts and minds of everyone in the country.  Rhea is killing it in the stand up world, making just about every list of who is funny, original and up and coming in America and the NYSU! team wisely grabbed her up and will forever have the honor of giving Butcher her tv series debut. Her first appearance takes her to the frontier town of Englewood California, where the Rams are planning a brand new NFL stadium. Butcher gets to the bottom of this plan, as she sets out to either expose all the dirty truths, hidden dangers, and ugly undersides of the story, or if she can’t do that, she’ll get herself some valuable real estate and a healthy heaping of gentrification. 

Paul welcomes Rhea and gives her first report an A+, a star and an ice cream cone. We’ll raise you two ice cream cones, Paul cause we think Butcher is the bomb.

rhea butcher

Later in the show, Paul welcomes back Ned Cooper the Science Grouper, Oliver Pouch, and Judy Good Stuff to report on cheap gas, fracking, Elon Musk, and ISIS in the oil game.  Pouch gets in a real zinger at Leo DiCaprio’s expense, tops it only minutes later taking a jab at Elon Musk, and has some strong feelings about Ellen but Tomkins calls him out when Rep Pouch tries to pretend he doesn’t know what a GMO is.  Can’t wait to use the phrase “you’re being willfully obtuse” as soon as possible. The team has some good advice for ISIS if they’re looking to pick up a little spare cash.  Instead of getting into the oil business, they might try to AirBnB their yurts, raffle off tickets to Ellen, sell Mary Kay products, or possibly macrame placemats. Now that’s thinking.

NYSU wraps things up with their weekly look at who needs to shut up.  We’ll let you guess who thinks the X Files needs to shut up, who is sick of Morgan Freeman, and which pundit picked Cheetos. But more importantly, stick around till the end to watch Paul F. Tompkins sink a perfect shot – is that a three pointer?– without leaving his anchor chair.  That’s Paul F. Tomkins 3 – everyone else nothing.

final segment

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