‘No You Shut Up!’ Episode 4.6 Recap and Review: Tony Hale, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Reza Aslan


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Our fearless leader of all things politics and puppetry, Paul F. Tomkins is back at the helm of No, You Shut Up! after a week off, and all is well in the NYSU! studios. But all is not well in the good ole USA, that’s still going to hell in a hand-basket.  But that’s why the NYSU! team is so near and dear to us, because who else can help us get to the heart of the issues? This week, while the “Clockmander in Chief” continues to count down the days until Election 2016 (262 fyi), Paul and the gang welcome comedian and actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, author Reza Aslan, and special correspondent Hot Dog talks with comedy genius, Tony Hale. One of our favorite elements of No You Shut Up, is the never ending impressive array of expressions exhibited by host Paul F Tompkins ranging from amused to slightly less amused, and at least four levels of apparent concern.  This week in our review of Episode 6, we salute the many expressions of Paul F. Tompkins.  Now on to the review….

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As always, we first look at the highlights from recent primaries with uber conservative Star Schlessinger, immigration reformist Yerd Nerp, and the ultra liberal Armond Mite looking damn good in a fancy primary watch set.  The colors are so bright you’ll swear you’re watching cable news! We learn that Bernie Sanders gave a speech in front of Black Angus, nobody wants to read Trump Magazine, and everyone loves Trader Joes jokes. More importantly, Paul points out something we all can agree about- babies are stupid.

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Iranian American author, commentator, and executive producer Reza Aslan was excited to be a guest this week and couldn’t wait to delve into some serious political issues.  Reza makes some great points about religion– noting that nobody reads the bible, wisely points out that nobody should be surprised about Trumps success- we should have seen it coming, and is looking forward to talking about more serious issues like the high percentage of republicans who agree with some of Trumps most loathsome views. Unfortunately, for him, he’s not on CNN, he’s on “No, You Shut Up”, and that means you gotta play the game.  And what a fun game it is- a new segment called Trumptacular where the guest has a chance to guess the meaning of various Trump-rooted words that can only be found in the Trumptionary.  No, Reza doesn’t win, but I think even he would agree that in 2016, we’re all losers.


Mary Lynn Rajskub joined Paul this week and it’s an exciting segment as science grouper Ned Cooper administers a personality test to pair her with her ideal political candidate.  I will not give away who she should vote for based on her answers, I will tell you this- she likes funnel cake.  The comedy continues with a very special edition of “Speaking Frankly,” which is of course Hot Dog’s segment where he talks with celebs.  He and Tony Hale go deep.  And by deep I mean deep into a battle over who can say Buster Bluth more ridiculously, and it’s a weirdly brilliant exchange.

Later, everyone enjoys a very moving montage saluting the fallen candidates, and panel discussions about the single female voter, whether Gitmo should stay or go, and the rise of the robots.  Star Schlessinger sums it all up with this simple statement. Single women are monsters.

star schlessinger women are monsters

This week, guest Reza Aslan joined Yerd Nerp, Armond Mite, and Star Schlessinger for  the show-closing segment where everyone shares their personal pick for who needs to shut up.  We’ll leave it up to you to guess who picked who, but “lost dog signs,” “Clarence Thomas,” new horror movie “The Witch,” and “Chris Christie”– you’re all on notice. So start shutting up.

No, You Shut Up returns next Thursday on the Fusion network at 10:00pm for more everything.

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