Netflix The Degenerates Explores All of Comedy’s Dark Corners

The Degenerates explores all sides of comedy’s dark corners.

Netflix has always needed the stand-up comedy fan. Netflix has always banked on the viewer that is a little bit twisted. With the release of The Degenerates Netflix has made something clearly aimed at the streaming service’s two sure thing niche demographics.

The six-episode season features 30 minute sets from Big Jay Oakerson, Brad Williams, Yamaneika Saunders Liza Treyger and Joey Diaz.

A true cross section of fearless and distinctive comics meant to showcase the most inflammatory controversial subject matter. Comics who do this have always had an important role in moving comedy forward. The Degenerates is an acknowledgment of this by Netflix these special simply could not exist on Network and include comics who have found success outside of it.

Big Jay Oakerson is long overdue for a Netflix special it will be almost negligent to not include him in this best at the worst collection. The most enticing thing about Oakerson’s performance style. Is the duality what you see is definitely not what you get with Oakerson. He looks like rap rock he delivers like a crooner. Perched on a stool reading the room making them listen it’s a charm even the surliest of crowds would not be immune to. Oakerson has an ease and confidence to even the bluest subject matter in his act that has been honed around The Bonfire his program he co-hosts on Sirius XM where you can’t rely on endearing facial shortcuts for laughs just great joke writing.

This certainty paired with a relatable, inquisitive, mischiefly blunt perspective. On everything from anal sex to melted starburst makes certain that if you appreciate good stand up despite your precise feelings on the subject matter what he’s doing and how he’s doing it are to be respected and applauded.

Liza Treyger has a serious breakout moment and makes every one of her 30 minutes count. Liza is a comic who is the next chapter in the tradition of brazen Jewish female truth-tellers. Agitated and yet totally in command of the audience. She is the essence of speaking truth to power in the post me too era. She is still the chill brat from her comedy central special.
but this time she has swapped her personal party anecdotes and Marc Jacobs bags. For a Hitachi magic wand and calls to action about female oppression. When truth and humor collide it is a powerful way to implant social commentary. Liza goes all in and walks away rich.

Christina P has the most distinct special in the series. At first glance, one would wonder if having a half hour after already having an hour on the same platform was somehow a demotion. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Netflix just knows good odds when they see them like Oakerson the way she speaks has missile like directness that comes from her podcast your mom’s house which she hosts with her husband Tom Segura. But here she has no one to talk over. Fans of your mom’s house will resonate with the almost absurd almost abrasive subject matter that has been the show’s signature. Yet she takes the time to do material that appeals to the. “Over your B.S know your games let’s get real” Mom fan base these specials broaden her appeal to. She is the 3rd woman to record a Netflix special visibly pregnant but the first to invert the mother trope into this kind of comedy jackpot.

Williams has the cleanest offerings of all the Degenerate specials and speaks his truth no one can fault him for that it’s just that his truth mainly consists of his identity as a little person and a husband to someone who is not. Although a joke about A little person in the White House has the type of complex idea that offers insight and humor where other’s could not. Williams will always be an important ground breaker in comedy.

Yamaneika Saunders rounds out the degenerate specials like the force that she is. With a set heavy in an element of degenerate comedy so beloved and feared we call it The dirrty set. The kind of set where laughter comes from the fabric of taboo’s being ripped away and sexual truths being not only put on display but squirting out from every corner.
The Nasty show alum came to do damage and opens up with an ambitious 15 mins of hard core paid premium oral pornography delivered with such cunning bite it would make the kinkiest among try not to pee our pants as we laugh cry.
Yamaneika has been at it for a minute and it seems like that minute is finally expanding into a moment.

Joey Diaz is an O.G of this style of comedy. O.G’s play by different rules. Respect where respect is due. A set by a comic at the top of his game.

It is clear that The Degenerates is curated to be evocative but is just as multifaceted. With each episode, although perspective is different, the acknowledgement of the verbal weaponry of this kind of comedy is something each comic can more then handle. You can’t blast down walls without a little dynamite after all.

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