Myq Kaplan Performs Stand Up on Conan

It will be interesting to see if some of Myq Kaplan’s material from Monday night on Conan, ends up on Myq’s next special. The reason being because the opening jokes in his latest Conan set, are about his comedy special. It felt almost like an infinity mirror of comedy.

Myq talked about his special, “Small, Dork and Handsome” originally being available on Netflix and how the entertainment streamer’s former review system of using stars didn’t always feel that rewarding even when getting a full 5 stars. He also described the one-star review he received that he actually enjoyed. Plus, Myq explains what it is about Netflix that he finds so mysterious.

Also during his Conan set, Myq talks about his relationships and his favorite idea for a mash-up of two popular films. Plus, it’s worth watching the clip from to find out which celebrity Myq Kaplan refers to as our “dumbest genius”. This is a person who Myq compares to the old Merrie Melodies cartoon amphibian and WB mascot, Michigan J. Frog, “Hello my baby, hello my honey….ribbit.”

Myq Kaplan finished strong with advice on how handle someone knocking on the bathroom door while you’re inside using the facilities. He hopes to make that situation more meaningful for people. And one way is with some good old fashioned religious chanting.

Myq Kaplan’s new comedy album “Just Kidding” is available now on iTunes, Amazon and at