Matt Goldich Performs Stand Up on Late Night


From the writers’ room to center stage, Matt Goldich performed on Late Night with on Wednesday night to promote his brand new debut comedy album, available this Friday, “The Matt Goldich Guarantee“.

Matt Goldich has been part of Seth Meyers’ writing staff since 2014 and Wednesday night was his 6th appearance performing on Late Night, which is nice because the Late Night stage is really such a quick walk to get to from his office. But then, it also has to make performing for a national audience all the more intense when your boss is literally sitting at his desk right next to the stage watching you do stand up. Matt touched on a wide variety of topics during his Late Night set including how he’s really a big fan of Facebook, and just wishes some of FB’s features could be incorporated into some of his other favorite sites, which happen to be porn related.

He also talked about the secret that makes Ryan Gosling such a great dramatic actor, how his 2 1/2 year old son creeps him out sometimes, eventually having to have the sex talk with his son, kids growing up too fast and why he despises the term, “soft opening”. Plus in a bonus, by watching Matt Goldich’s set below from, you’ll get to see something that even Matt confesses is really difficult to do in the year 2017. A G-rated joke. Congratulations Matt for pulling it off! Matt then wrapped by letting us know there is something that unites all of us, no matter what side of the political aisle we’re on in this country.

Matt’s debut comedy album, “The Matt Goldich Guarantee” is available on iTunes this Friday, October 6th, and that’s also where you can hear his podcast, “Sorry I’ve Been So Busy” with co-host, comedy writer, producer and showrunner Andrew Goldstein. On the podcast, Matt and Andy know everyone is really busy in their own professional and personal lives, but they dig deep to find out just what exactly their celebrity guests do all day that’s keeping them so busy. You can find episodes of their podcast on iTunes.

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