Lorde Plays Nice With South Park

south park lorde

South Park is known for going after whatever is currently in pop culture. In this year’s new season, one of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s targets has been New Zealand pop singer Lorde. In some of the new episodes, it’s been revealed that the 17 year old girl singer is really middle-aged man Randy Marsh, Stan’s father.

Anyone online hoping for outrage or Lorde to have hurt feelings over this will be disappointed. Just the opposite happened. Lorde loved it and tweeted her appreciation. She even did an impression of the Comedy Central cartoon’s spoof of her on a New Zealand interview show found on Consequence of Sound.

Maybe if other celebrities took being the focus of South Park as a positive, they wouldn’t get their feelings hurt over fishsticks.

Here’s the original.


Lorde posted a clip of South Park on Instagram for all the haters.

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