Leslie Jones Is All The Olympic Coverage You’ll Need


Update: Leslie Jones is going to Rio! Deadline reported that after the comedy star’s tweets went viral, NBC producer Jim Bell invited her down to Brazil to officially participate in NBC’s coverage.

The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway. And fortunately for sports fans everywhere, Leslie Jones is an Olympic fanatic and she is live tweeting the Summer games. Leslie is what you would get if you crossed a cheerleader with a Ghostbuster and threw in a very funny person.

Dressed in USA red, white and blue with home-made gold medals and draped in Old Glory, Leslie Jones is covering all of the NBC Olympic coverage with her tweets. And she is a full service Olympic commentator. Her tweets let you know when specific events are coming up, she gives results and even sings while watching the Olympics.

This probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Leslie Jones’ commentary @lesdoggg on Twitter is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. And that includes the singing. Also, Leslie is so passionate about the Olympic games that she gets loud, really loud cheering on the United States’ athletes. You’ll know what it’s like to be Leslie’s neighbor in her apartment building. Speaking of which, you also get to visit the inside of the Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star’s home. She’s got a pretty nice TV in her at-home Olympic command center.

And in a sure ratings booster, Leslie Jones’ Olympics tweets may have earned her a summer job. Her tweets caught the eye of NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell, who has now invited Leslie to Rio to officially be part of the network Olympic coverage team. Leslie seemed up for it and details are being worked out. Leslie Jones being in Brazil with Team USA could be the best possible way for this Ghostbuster to serve her country.

Leslie Jones. Comedian. Twitterer. Patriot.


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