KLBJ’s Dudley & Bob + Matt Jumpstart Moontower With a Killer Show, Two Rons and a Big Surprise

Moontower 2018 is officially underway. The starting gun for the four day run of outstanding comedy was a night of gigantic laughs with a live show from KLBJ’s Dudley & Bob + Matt Show at Cap City Comedy Club. Dale Dudley, Bob Fonseca and Matt Bearden had a big night planned with two tremendous guests- (who also joined last year’s kick off show), and Austin’s own .  A killer show that ended with a surprise stand up set by one of the biggest headliners in the country, what a great night for everyone in the room.

The show ran for over two hours packed with shock and laughs with Bennington thanking the city of Austin for Mr. Nick Foles and sharing stories about his legendary Unmasked series (including a great Bob Newhart story that you’ll have to download the show to hear). There was a hilariously cringy moment as Dale set up that he was going to share personal texts from White (a longtime friend of 30 years) with the audience that could ruin their friendship, making everyone including White nervous, and an update on a story that Ron White had previously shared on the show about being a bedwetter. There were hooker stories and drug stories and perfect chemistry, and it was an educational night– for example, Dale learned that cocaine does not cause AIDS and we learned that someone on the stage has a thing for his wife.

Bob Fonseca’s Bennington Barometer game, which he unveiled at their 2017 Moontower show was brought back, asking Ron Bennington to choose between two equally good or bad cultural icons (one was Stormy Daniels or Jeff Daniels- Ron chose Jeff- you’ll have to listen to hear why). Matt Bearden invented a game for Ron White too. To attempt to describe it, would ruin the fun- in fact, I don’t want to give anything else away as the show was taped for Dudley & Bob + Matt’s Sideshow Podcast, and everything is so much funnier if you don’t know what’s coming. So I’ll leave it there.

That alone would have been a great night and a strong way to kick off Austin’s Moontower festival, but then White casually commented that he’d like to do set for the Cap City audience when the show ended. A lesser radio show would have said sure, and finished up the show before turning over the mic, but you know you are dealing with legends who know how to give the audience a great show when they drop whatever they had planned next to create a great moment. Without conferring or even looking at each other, all four radio pros recognizing the greatness of the moment just stood up and walked off the stage, and all four stood in the back of the room watching White do 25 minutes and absolutely killing. It was completely unplanned, on the spot, and an unbelievable way to shut down the first night of Moontower.

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Bennington and White in the Green Room.

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