Joe Zimmerman Performs on the Tonight Show

This Friday marked Joe Zimmerman’s very first Tonight Show appearance. And watching his set, you know he’ll be back.

Joe Zimmerman lets his stress becomes your entertainment. What’s stressing Joe out? Basically the entire state of the planet. He’s tried meditation, but that’s not really working out for him. You can tell by his mantra. He’s also feeling the need to become a Doomsday Prepper. That’s if he can resist the constant temptation to raid “the Apocalypse Pantry”.  His eyesight will be his undoing should Doomsday ever come, but Joe’s got some unique ideas about the risks of Lasik surgery.

If you watch his set below, Joe will explain it all to you, and give you a new game to play in your own head.

As a bonus, the Tonight Show put out a web exclusive featuring Joe Zimmerman — a new edition of the Tonight Show’s “The Worst I Ever Bombed” series. For Joe, it involved a gymnasium filled with students who weren’t seated. They were all walking around the perimeter of the gym for a walk-a-thon while Joe was being paid to do comedy for 30 minutes in the middle of the basketball court.  Enjoy Joe Zimmerman’s pain.

Joe Zimmerman’s album Smiling At Wolves which is available on iTunes, and he’s currently touring the country on his own and opening for Brian Regan (so you know he’s good). You can see his upcoming tour dates at and follow Joe on Twitter @joezimmerman.