Jim Carrey Has Found His Zen: Check Out His New Mini-Doc About His Love of Painting

, once one of the top comedic actors in Hollywood, has become somewhat of a recluse in recent years. Besides his little-hyped appearances in last year’s The Bad Batch and True Crimes, Carrey hasn’t been seen on film (or all that much in public in general) since 2014. If you’ve been wondering what the beloved funnyman has been up to in the interim, you need wonder no longer. Three weeks ago, an art-centric Vimeo account called SGG (Signature Gallery Group) quietly uploaded a mini documentary called Jim Carrey: I Needed Color that showed a very different side to the usually animated actor.

“I found myself looking around at one point at a very bleak winter in New York and it was just so depressing, and I think I needed color,” said Carrey of the impetus for his painting. That was around six years ago, when Carrey said he was “trying to heal a broken heart,” and looked to painting as an outlet. He had loved to draw ever since he was a kid, but had never really experimented with painting. Once he gave it a shot, however, Carrey says that he became obsessed with his newfound love.

“When I really started painting a lot, I became so obsessed, there was nowhere to move in my home,” said Carrey. “Paintings were everywhere. They were becoming a part of the furniture, I was eating on them.” That seems to be totally true, as the doc shows Carrey’s apartment seemingly overrun by paintings; Much of the wall and floor space is covered by gigantic pieces of canvas, some appearing to be 10 – 20 feet wide. He has very clearly devoted himself to the practice and it seems to have brought about a calmness and serenity in the actor that the public has very rarely seen in him before.

The mini-doc’s release also coincided with the release of another video on the SGG page titled “JC Art Show Tease Trailer,” so it looks like Carrey might have his paintings on display in New York sometime in the near future.

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Bill Tressler

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