Jerrod Carmichael Explains Why The N-Word Is Fun on Late Night

As soon as he was introduced, Jerrod Carmichael pulled the curtain back on the Late Night green room. & executive producer Lorne Michaels apparently have no problem getting their Late Night guests nice and liquored up before their interviews. Jerrod came to the couch with a glass of bourbon for himself, saying to Seth Meyers, “I was drinking backstage and I was like ‘why lie to you?’, Why lie to all of them? (pointing to the audience).” Seth also noted that Jerrod Carmichael is into Season 3 of The Carmichael Show, so why worry about it? Jerrod agreed adding, “Yeah, yeah. Fuck everything.” One word of that was bleeped by NBC.

Seth tried to put Jerrod’s sitcom, The Carmichael Show into some perspective for the audience saying it’s a family based sitcom that pushes the edge. Jerrod Carmichael explained it this way, saying, “It’s a comedy for your entire family where we say (the n-word which was bleeped) 6 times in an episode.” Then there was a strong, uncomfortable reaction from the Late Night studio audience when he said it. Jerrod Carmichael responded to the crowd’s groans and shock by saying “What’s wrong with you guys? Like you don’t say it when Kanye comes on the radio.” He claims it’s a fun word to say and it rhymes with a lot of things. It seems like everyone immediately knew this was different than when Bill Maher used the same word on HBO’s Real Time a few weeks ago.

Jerrod also said that a by-product from doing a sitcom based on his family, is that it’s made his real family local celebrities in North Carolina. Part of the reason being that he gave his sitcom parents, David Alan Grier and Loretta Devine, his real parents’ names for their characters, Joe and Cynthia.

At one point, Jerrod Carmichael turned the tables and started interviewing Seth Meyers asking how everything is going with him? BTW, Seth says, “Everything’s good” in case you were wondering.

They also talked about Seth trying to book White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Late Night or as Jerrod called him “an uncomfortable, sweaty, sweaty man.” Jerrod Carmichael also pleaded with Seth to have him back on the show just to sit on the couch during Spicy’s interview, if it ever happens.

Jerrod also talked about the stand up side of his career, admitting that he’s only performed about 6 times this year, and three of those were for charities. Of course in Jerrod Carmichael’s way of being a bit more unconventional than everyone else, he felt he had to apologize for his performance at one of the events. He was doing a charity appearance and auction for Scooter Braun which benefited cancer research and that day, Jerrod “was in a mood.” So he chastised the audience at the event for needing an auction to bring them out instead of just donating cash. He then went on to bash the headlining auction prize, a Mini-Cooper. Let’s just say after this mea culpa, the Mini-Cooper company is not going to be any happier than before the apology. You can watch Jerrod Carmichael’s interview on Late Night below to see exactly how he feels about tiny, tiny cars and why he thinks the n-word is so fun.

You can watch The Carmichael Show, Wednesdays at 9pm on NBC and see Jerrod Carmichael in Transformers: The Last Knight in theaters everywhere tomorrow.

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