Jeff Caldwell Performs Stand Up on Conan

Jeff Caldwell is a late night favorite. The comedian who had 6 appearances on Letterman performed on on Wednesday night and was an audience favorite as well. Jeff came to the stage with some good news about his family; Grandma is finally online!

As Jeff put it, now that Grandma has a internet presence, the Caldwell family is learning all about her “political leanings”. He talked about her penchant for using all caps in any and all of the comments that she leaves online, and there’s plenty of those. Jeff also discussed online shopping. He likes the convenience, but not all the ramifications that come after a purchase.

He also talked about his wife practicing self-taught, at-home podiatry, how online arguments aren’t always on the same page, and how term paper plagiarism has changed since the days when he was in school trying to steal someone’s else work. Jeff then finished up with his thoughts on the driverless cars which will soon be taking over the roads. Hello, tech support?? You can watch his entire set below courtesy of

Jeff Caldwell’s album “I’m No Epidemiologist” is available now on Amazon and at iTunes. You can follow Jeff on Twitter, @jeffreycaldwell and he’s very clean (not just on Conan) so, he’s perfect for your next corporate gig. Check out his site,