If You’re Dating in 2020 Here Are Some Terms You Should Know

Here are terms to look out and understand if you’re gonna be in on the dating scene in 2020. Incels, just go about your day looking up racist and misogynistic terms– you won’t need any of these.

Dial-toning. That’s when you give someone your number, they reach out, and you never reply.

Cause-playing – You would use this term when a former date reaches out to you well after the fact to ask you for an unrelated favor.

Fleabagging – When you consistently date the wrong type of person.

Glamboozled – When you finish your hair and make up, only to get a text from your date asking you to cancel or reschedule.

White Clawing – When you stay with someone who you find very attractive but otherwise simple or boring.

Yellow carding – When you call out a date for bad behavior, a questionable view, or general rudeness. We actually aren’t mad about that one. We could have used it in the 80’s.

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