HBO Comedy Bringing Daniel Sloss: X to American TV Audience

HBO comedy is back!  The platform that first brought mass market appeal and status to the comedy stand up special has been killing it with an outstanding eye for talent this year, bringing some of our favorite hours to the airwaves.

The latest comedian to catch the eye of HBO’s comedy developers is Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss, and the network will debut Sloss’ latest special, ‘X’ on November 2nd.  X will be Sloss’s third special available to American television audiences. Netflix previously released the very brilliant “Dark” and the follow up special “Jigsaw” (also known as the breakup special after influencing tens of thousands of couples to give up on limping relationships).

But it’s actually Daniel’s tenth hour (and I use the term hour loosely, it’s actually longer). He’s been putting together and touring a new show every year since 2009. If that seems impressive, consider this, he’s only 29 years old.

The special was taped in April before a live audience at Sydney, Australia’s Enmore Theatre and features Sloss deftly skewering society’s gender constructs and mining his own personal experiences to reveal the humor inherent in today’s fraught masculinity, providing insights that are alternately humorous and profound, along with Sloss’ unexpurgated Scottish-level swearing.  The show played in New York City over the summer in a theater packed with young college students, more women than men, and they just adored him.  X is the perfect comedy special for 2019 audiences, and Sloss may be the perfect comic for a deeply divided comedy fanbase.

In X, you’ll see Sloss expertly handling some pretty explosive topics, particularly topics that are dangerous territory for white males to explore.  But Sloss dodges minefields– no actually he heads right toward them and  somehow survives, covering risky ground with an excellent mix blend of comedy and gravity.

His brazen disregard for avoiding uncomfortable topics is just part of Daniel’s charm.  What’s truly impressive is how he can pull off discussing topics declared off-limits to white men in 2019 without offending his decidedly not-predominantly-white-male audience.

DANIEL SLOSS: X is an outrageously funny, deeply moving, and truly original special that promises to leave a lasting impression long after Sloss lands his final joke.

At 29 years old, Daniel Sloss has made a record number of appearances on “Conan,” released two hour-long comedy specials (2018’s “DARK” and “Jigsaw”) and performed five solo off-Broadways runs, with over 7,000 people seeing his SoHo Playhouse shows in 2019 alone. For over a decade, Sloss has been one of the biggest draws at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s biggest arts and comedy festival, presenting a new hour each year. Already one of the biggest international comedians touring today, he has performed in 40 countries to-date, including: the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and over 30 other European countries. On November 23, he will perform the largest-ever English-language comedy show in Russia at a 3,500-seat arena in Moscow, with simultaneous translation being supplied via headsets.

Daniel Sloss has toured DANIEL SLOSS: X across the globe, including an extensive theater tour across North America. By the time the tour concludes in December 2019, he will have performed the show 300 times in 40 countries.

Note: the special contains sensitive and adult content of a sexual nature related to the #MeToo movement.

Watch Daniel Sloss: X debuting Saturday, November 2nd at 10pm.


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