Hannibal Buress Sponsors Brazilian WMMA Fighter, Provides Hilarious Fight Gear

If Hannibal Buress ever decides that he’s done with comedy, he could always fall back on fight promotions.

It was just announced this week that Buress would be sponsoring Brazilian atom-weight MMA fighter Janaisa “Evil Princess” Morandin, who currently sports a 9-0 record, during her debut at the Invicta Fighting Championship 22 event this weekend. Morandin’s fight, it was revealed this weekend, won’t be going down at Invicta 22 anymore, however, as she failed to make weight for her bout against Jinh Yu Frey. While it’s now unknown when Morandin will be able to make her Invicta debut, it is assumed that her partnership with Buress will remain in tact until then.

The best part about all of this was Invicta’s announcement of the partnership on Twitter, which consists of Morandin posing in a set of fight trunks that feature Buress’ unmistakable face printed all over them. You can check that out below:

[H/T]  Champions

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Bill Tressler

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