The Guys We F@cked Girls Tell Fans What to Expect at Moontower


They’re taking the podcast world by storm and this week they’ve got two giant Moontower events, (and they made our list of podcasts you absolutely have to check out at Moontower).  Amma Marfo talked with the Guys We Fucked girls, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, just days before they hit up Austin. See them tonight at Antone’s and Friday at Stateside!

A word of warning for those headed to the Guys We F@#ked live shows at Moontower this weekend: be prepared to be part of the show, no matter what.

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, the minds behind Sorry About Last Night Comedy and the wildly successful “Guys We F@#ed” podcast, promise an experience that takes you beyond just being a listener, one that allows those in the room to help the show come to life. “A lot of people ask to be on the podcast, and this is the closest that most people will get to [doing] that,” Fisher shared ahead of the weekend’s pair of shows. “When you’re listening to a podcast, you can’t participate no matter how badly you want to. But when you’re at the show, you not only can participate, but you’re encouraged to do so.”

Live segments include “Seven Minutes in Therapy,” a rapid-fire opening where Corinne and Krystyna try to solve as many audience member problems in seven minutes as possible, and there’s other opportunities to turn the mic and the show over to the listeners and fans who have kept them among iTunes top rated podcasts since their debut three years ago. And Hutchinson credits these listeners and their willingness to share, with the success of the interactive live experience. “One form of feedback that we always get from people who haven’t listened to the podcast or who work at the venue, is that they’re always surprised by how honest the audience is and how willing they are to participate. They get up there and spill their guts about their sex life and love life.”

We’re very no bullshit, we’re not afraid to call people out on stage if they’re talking in circles or lying to themselves. We really create an environment that’s very honest and zero bullshit, and I think everyone in the room respects that.

Fisher really believes that providing this outlet to audience members and festival-goers will not just make for an entertaining show, but also make for better people by show’s end. “There are very few comedy shows where you can promise the audience members that they’re going to leave as better people, and I think the GWF Experience show will do just that.” The secret? Encouraging folks to take their experiences, and how they’ve felt, seriously. “We’re very no bullshit, we’re not afraid to call people out on stage if they’re talking in circles or lying to themselves. We really create an environment that’s very honest and zero bullshit, and I think everyone in the room respects that.” Audience members leave not only having had a good time, but also having learned something about themselves and their circumstances.

Those not making the trip to Austin will get to engage with Corinne and Krystyna later this year in a new way, through their forthcoming book F*CKED: Being Sexually Explorative and Self-Confident in a World That’s Screwed (out October 24th with HarperOne). Designed to serve as a companion – rather than a rehashing – to the podcast, it allows them to delve deeper into topics they often skim on the podcast. For Hutchinson, this meant taking the time and space of the book format to explore some of the issues that make her angry about what they do, namely the frequency of rape and sexual assault.

“Normally when we talk about it on the podcast, I just get really angry, so the book was a really good opportunity to take our time, do some research, re-listen to what we’ve already talked about and re-read all the emails the listeners have sent us, and really formulate it. Our listening audience is a very small percentage of the population; if in this small sample, we’re hearing it from this many people a day, that indicates to me that it’s a fucking problem.”

For Fisher, she saw the book as an opportunity to help address a secondary issue that surfaces from emails and messages the podcast attracts: self-confidence and self-worth. “[T]o me, that’s sort of the overwhelming problem that I see with people who write in. It was heartbreaking and surprising when we started the podcast three years ago to hear from people well into adulthood still caring so much about what other people think. So I went deeper with that, because I felt that was the best thing I could offer to people.”

But for now, as they look toward the weekend, they’re excited to take the live experience and accompanying Meet & Greet to an audience of devoted listeners and folks curious about a podcast with a name like theirs – “don’t let the name scare you off!”, Fisher joked. In Hutchinson’s estimation, it’s an experience that is at once hilarious, heartfelt, and helpful for all in the room. “It feels very therapeutic, and like we worked together to accomplish something. It’s an amazing night because you never know what’s going to come out of people’s mouths. That’s one of my favorite parts of the show, and it’s one of my favorite shows to do because of that.”

Guys We F@#ked: The Live Experience will be at Antone’s Nightclub on April 20th at 7pm, while the Guys We F@#ked podcast recording will be at Stateside at the Paramount at 11:15pm on April 21st.

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