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Former Lost Star With The Bug Calls Out the ‘Cowardly’

He beat the bad bad but he doesn’t feel in a good mood about calling it the Chinese Flu. “Yes, I’m Asian. And yes, I have coronavirus, but I did not get it in China,” he says.  “I got it in America—in New York City.”

Maybe it should be called the Lou Reed flu.



Do you Remember These Snacks?

If you want to take your mind off of the you know what, let’s go on a trip to the 90’s. Weird snacks that you gobbled down without gaining weight.

Thanks Bill Clinton, Thanks Michael Jordan.


GameStop Tells Employees They’re Essential And To Stay The Hell At Work

GameStop has informed its stores that they consider the biz an essential company and to keep operations running. This is important, we need these kids learning to buuld on Fortnite and how to shoot in Call of Duty so we’re ready for the apocalypse!


Senators Dumped Millions In Stock Right After Coronavirus Briefing

Four senators have been exposed for dumping stock after they were briefed on the Coronavirus, before the market crash. Look, Senators need to hoard toilet paper too.


Dell Computer Founder Sez Any Of Those Kids In Spring Break Video Can’t Get Jobs At Dell

Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Computers, saw the spring break video that’s been making the rounds and Tweeted this in response:

“Anyone in this video, please don’t apply to work @DellTech @VMware,” Dell tweeted Thursday. “And also please don’t apply to @Secureworks @DellFdn @boomi or MSD Capital.”

This also applies to anyone who worked on Spring Breakers the movie. Or at least it should.


Italian Man Ignores Quarantine To Play Pokemon Go, Has To Catch Them All

An Italian man who was outside during the lockdown was stopped by police and he told them he was outside to play Pokemon Go and that “he had to hunt the Pokemon”. He’s already caught Corana-Chu and is looking to evolve it into Coro-Zard.


This Is The Greenest LA Traffic’s Ever Been

Thank you Covid for making everyone’s commute lightning fast.


Shaq Crashed a 1st Grade Class Video Chat

Everyone thinks he was doing something nice but with all the free time he’s trying to learn some of the skills he missed over the years.


Jameis Winston May Be Going To The Redskins

Now that Brady is in Tampa. Jameis Winston needs a new home. Rumor is the Redskins may be interested in him to back up Dwayne Haskins. They said they’re in the market for someone who can throw as many pick-six’s as touchdowns in a game and all this is adding up nicely.


Don’t Close The Golf Courses Or OJ’s Gonna Go Buck Wild

OJ has a message for the world about the importance of gold courses. Might as well make OJ our new Surgeon General.

Madonna’s Straight Losing Her Mind During This Lockdown

Another week and we’ll be getting 3 new parody albums from her.


Jeff Goldblum Getting Back to Gal Gadot 

Oh Jeff Goldblum impression . No matter how many times we hear you, we still fall in love.

Can you make one good movie?

Everyone Is Loving Anthony Hopkins Playing Piano For His Cat

It’s one thing to be a national treasure. They are a dime a dozen. Tony Hopkins is an international treasure.

Fill in your own fava beans and nice Chianti joke.


Little Guy Has Perfect Plan To Pass The Time

This is a fun game. How many head bangs would it take you to put an end to this?

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Quarantine Day 10

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Guy Fucks With His Cat For Internet LOLZ

The quarantine is turning us all into monsters.

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