First ’Vice Principals’ Season Two Trailer Asks “Who Shot Gamby?”


Classes resume at North Jackson High School on September 17th.

HBO’s ended its first season with a shocking twist: Danny McBride’s Neil Gamby being shot and left for the dead in the parking lot of North Jackson High. That ending left fans reeling, and for nearly a year now, many theories regarding the shooter’s identity have been floated around forums online. After a grueling ten-month wait, HBO has finally released the trailer for the show’s second and final season, and it looks like this murder mystery plot will take center stage for the remainder of the show.

In the new trailer, we see Vice Principal Gamby gearing up for revenge and setting up booby traps like a less-chiseled Rambo. What follows is a montage of familiar faces and the question that has been eating away at fans for almost a year now: Who shot Gamby? This upcoming season looks like it’s taking a few pages from Clue, but with more dick-shooting.

Check out the trailer below!

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Bill Tressler

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