Dave Chappelle Surprises Tonight Show, Talks Summer Radio City Dates & Special Guests

The fun and games started out normally enough on the Tonight Show starring on Thursday night. Fallon announced that he was heading into the audience for his segment called, “Freestylin’ with The Roots” where his house band, the Legendary Roots Crew, improvise songs about audience members with the information each one gives to Jimmy Fallon. You can probably see this one coming well before you even watch the clip below from the Tonight Show YouTube channel.

After Fallon was done with his first contestant, Sarah from Pensacola, FLA who had the Roots serenade her with a Beach Boys style song, he made his way down a row of people who got an up-close look at Jimmy Fallon’s new mustache. Then he picked someone out of the crowd who had his hand raised and went by the name “Dave,” who worked as a comedian. Despite wearing the thin disguise of sunglasses, the Tonight Show audience was still able to catch on quickly and they burst into applause for .

When Fallon did the standard interview with “Dave” for the “Freestylin'” segment, Chappelle said his summer plans include performing at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for 14 nights along with The Roots and several special guests, listed below. Jimmy Fallon said, “I would love to come,” and Chappelle replied, “I bet you would, Jimmy.”

Fallon continued his Q&A, asking Chappelle if he was a superhero, what would his super power be? Chappelle said, “Disappearing for long periods of time.” As for his super hero weakness, Chappelle said that would be his “need for money”, adding, “That’s when I reappear.”

Using all that information, including the Radio City dates, The Roots performed a song for Dave Chappelle in the style of New Edition. Now we just have to wait and see if The Roots perform the musical salute again while appearing with Chappelle at Radio City this summer.

Dave Chappelle will be at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, August 1st through August 6th and again on August 9th. Then he returns to RCMH on August 15th through August 20th and back again on August 23rd and 24th.

Special guests joining Dave Chappelle throughout these dates include Lil Wayne (8/1), (8/5, 8/6), Erykah Badu (8/9), Chance the Rapper (8/17), Trevor Noah (8/18), Childish Gambino (8/19), Ms. Lauryn Hill (8/20), Yasiin Bey (8/23) and Ali Wong (8/24). All other Radio City dates for Dave Chappelle say he will be joined by special guests that have not been named yet. The truth is that you never know who is going to drop in on a Dave Chappelle show on any given night.

For tickets for the Dave Chappelle August Residency at Radio City Music Hall, go to ChappelleRadioCity.com.

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