Daniel Sloss is Bringing Another Brilliant Special To America Tonight With “X”; Watch This Scottish White Male Take On 2019’s Most Sensitive Topics, and Stick a 10 Point Landing

Scottish stand up Daniel Sloss is 29 years old and delivering his tenth hour show to America tonight. It’s only the third that’s available to us statesiders but this comedic firestorm has been delivering a new killer comedy hour to the rest of the world at a rate of one a year since he was twenty years old.

Sloss blew us away with a double hour debut on Netflix last year, making our top ten list with “Jigsaw” (affectionately known as the breakup special) and “Dark” which really lives up to its name. Both hours take gigantic risks. Daniel loves to position himself on the thinest of ice with his audience, tackling taboo topics and not just pushing– shoving boundaries. And Sloss proves that there is no boundary that can’t be crossed— if its done well. After he ruined romance, slaughtered vegans, and tore through topics like death and disability in his last two specials, you might be thinking…where else can he go?

And that brings us to X, making its debut on HBO tonight, November 2nd at 10pm.

I saw this show in New York City’s East Village, and I’ve seen the special and I refuse to give anything away. You’ll just have to take my word that in “X”, Sloss tackles the untackle-able. Sloss clearly doesn’t give a fuck about any unwritten rules about what a while male can, and cannot talk about in 2019. He places himself in rough waters- class 5 rapids, and then expertly navigates his way out. X is the deep end of the pool, and has some warnings attached to it. Viewers will see sensitive and adult content of a sexual nature related to the #MeToo movement. Here’s another warning. You’re going to learn something from it. Probably a lot. But don’t let that dissuade you because you’re also going to laugh a lot. Sloss is not a lecturer, he’s fucking funny, and outrageous and everyone should be talking about him.

And somehow he comes out the end of X appealing to the sex drugs and rock and roll crowd at the same time that even the snowflakiest post-millennials are oohing and ahhing over his understanding of 2019 cultural shifts.

X is the perfect comedy special for 2019 audiences, and Sloss may be the perfect comic for a deeply divided comedy fanbase. The special was taped in April before a live audience at Sydney, Australia’s Enmore Theatre.

DANIEL SLOSS: X is an outrageously funny, deeply moving, and truly original special that promises to leave a lasting impression long after Sloss lands his final joke.

Watch Daniel Sloss: X debuting Saturday, November 2nd at 10pm.

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