D.L. Hughley Boycotting The NFL Over Colin Kaepernick

The NFL is going to have one less fan this coming season. D.L. Hughley is boycotting the National Football League this year. The popular touring comedian, author and host won’t be watching pro football because of what he perceives is a racially motivated boycott against former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The QB has been without a job since he was cut by San Fran after a poor performance season during which he refused to stand for the National Anthem as a protest over black men being killed by police officers across the country.

D.l. Hughley made the declaration on his radio show, Notes From The G.E.D Section. Speaking about the race issue behind Kaepernick not being able to find a team to take him on as a quarterback, D.L. Hughley said, “He didn’t do anything wrong. Some times it’s not what you think it is. And sometimes, it’s exactly what you think it is.” And what D.L. thinks it is, is racial bias because Kaepernick is a black man who made this protest.

As for his refusal to watch football in the 2017 season, D.L. said, “…I am boycotting the NFL. I’m not gonna tell anybody else what to do. I’m not going to tell them why…or what they have to do. What’s right. What’s wrong. Because I believe that regardless of their frustrations. Regardless of what they’re saying, there is race all through it. I’m telling you. Some people got mad that this black man stood up and said some things, ’cause black men were getting killed. And sponsors reacted to it and Americans in general. Some Americans in general reacted to it. There was famous Americans…’I won’t watch football if this guy plays.’ (now talking about himself) I won’t watch it until he gets a fair opportunity.”

D.L. Hughley then went into what he believes is the definition of fairness in America and what a “fair opportunity” means to him. He’s jumping on board what’s becoming a hotter issue for Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league to deal with. Currently at Change.org, there’s a petition with well over 155,000 signatures from fans saying they will “boycott NFL games if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t play this season.”

As for the label that Colin Kaepernick picked up as anti-American for sitting during the anthem, D.L. Hughley asks, “What is more American than someone protesting something in a peaceful way?”

D.L. Hughley is currently on tour throughout the United States making appearances with Chris Tucker and also performing with “The Comedy Get Down” tour, featuring Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and George Lopez. That tour is headed to the U.K. this fall.

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