Comedians Remember Beloved Philly Comedian Chris Cotton

Comedians swarmed to social media on Wednesday to pay last respects to a highly respected member of the Philly crew, Chris Cotton, who passed away unexpectedly this week. I didn’t personally know Chris, and had never had the chance to see him perform, but reading through the posts of many members of our own comedy family tonight has been heartbreaking, and we wanted to share some of them with all of you. If you didn’t get the chance to get to know Chris, you will feel like you did after reading the posts of the endless list of comics who knew, loved and respected him. All of these posts paint the picture of a comic and a man we wish we had a chance to know.

Cotton was 32, and about to be a first time father. His cause of death has not been shared publicly. The Philadelphia native was married, his wife is expecting their first child early in 2020. He worked with Comedy Central’s show Every Damn Day, the Bruce Willis Roast, and his webseries Carpool Rules. He appeared on Gotham Comedy Live, and his book What My Dad Did: My Theory On Joke Writing are all available.

A planned January appearance at City Winery will now serve as a memorial. Comedian friends are asking anyone who can to donate to Chris’ wife and child via their Amazon registry or a kickstarter that has been started in his name.

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I’m still in shock at the news of Chris Cotton unexpectedly passing away. I had the honor of working with him at Comedy Central. He was a founding member of the Creators Program, which I was fortunate enough to be a part of starting. Everyone loved Chris immediately. He was so kind and disarming. I made over 100 internet videos with Chris and the other Creators, and from the start he was my mom’s favorite. She would comment on almost every video directly complimenting Chris, and Chris would always tell me that he and “Momma Dern” had been talking back and forth in the comments. He always asked me how I was doing and genuinely cared. He loved all things Philly and always proudly repped his city. He regularly made me laugh so hard I cried. I am still numb and processing this news. There’s a GoFundMe for his wife Erica that you can contribute to if you can (Link on Twitter). Chris was a good man. I love you, Chris. Rest In Peace.

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Man. I can't properly articulate how much this one hurts. Chris Cotton was one of the funniest comedians I've ever met, he was also one the best people offstage as well. Chris was one of few i could count on to call me to see how everything was, talk life nd shoot the shit. Something i really appreciated. I'll never forget when we'd all hang out after spots. Sitting at curritos and Olive tree, all dead broke and Loud. I used to look forward to hearing a yelling match between chris and @monroemartiniii or better yet, Chris and @cassidycomedy!! literally the stuff of legend. We used to be dead broke in burrito shops. cut to some years later we're at @accomedyclub working n talking about how far everybody's come.(that was less than 6 months ago) just a genuine man who really cared about people. A proud Philadelphian!!!!!! And an even prouder family man!!!! Chris and his wife were expecting a child. If you can, donate to the baby registry to help out, please do. (Link in the comments) Rest in peace brother Cotton. You're the best of us!!!!!!

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‪I can’t believe I gotta mourn one of my Standup comedy peeps today. Chris Cotton I’m gonna miss you man. I got big love for Philly cuz of you. You allowed me to crash with you & your wife when I was first starting to perform outside of NY. The Philly Wave that the invaded NYC comedy scene gave me some of the best times & laughs when we all use to bounce around the city gigging then hang in the village till 3 in the morning. You looked out & helped-anybody who was all about Comedy. A Selfless , Honorable Family Man but can Roast you and say some of the most off the cuff wreck-less shit in a heartbeat that had us rolling. He was both things. One time for a founding member in 6 Ft Nothing Crew. Salute. ‬Rest In Power Chris #6FN Chris and his wife are expecting a child if you can donate something for the child’s well being that would mean a lot . Link in the comments .

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