Comedian Kristen Becker Launches ‘Summer of Sass’ Program for LGBTQ Youth

Comedian and Interrobang contributor Kristen Becker just got recognized by The Boston Globe after launching a new program that aims to provide a summer getaway for LGBTQ teens to the safe haven of Provincetown, Massachusetts. The program, called “Summer of Sass”, hopes to allow young LGBTQ people from southern states to live and work in Provincetown, a noted mecca for the LGBTQ community, for the summer, where they can experience life, free from the stigmatization and bullying that they often experience in their home states. For Becker, an out-and-proud LGBTQ comic herself who grew up in Louisiana, this project hits close to home.

“You would go through your day, day after day, in a constant fear that someone was going to find out,” said Becker of her upbringing during a conversation with The Boston Globe’s Kay Lazar. It’s that sympathy for the plight of teens going through the same process today that drove Becker to start the program.

Summer of Sass is set to start next month, and it’s receiving widespread support from the community. Various local families have offered up highly-discounted rooms for the teens to rent, offering to act as mentors and friends to the kids, for many of whom this trip will be the first time leaving home for any real length of time. Local business owners have also made it clear that they will have jobs to offer the kids once they get into town. For many of the kids, this will be the first time that they’ll be able to go to work and walk the streets without having to feel alienated or alone, and that’s reason enough to hope the project is a huge success.

Congratulations to Kristen and everyone involved with the Summer of Sass!

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