Come and Take It Comedy Festival Rolls Into Houston

Thanks to Pete Hely for the heads up on everything going down in Houston this week

The Secret Group in East Downtown Houston is the only stand alone comedy club, other than an Improv in Texas’s largest city. The Secret Group is a comedy club in the truest sense of the word. They have comedy every night, host podcasts, etc. They’re a dark club with tatted up chicks in an up coming industrial neighborhood next to a microbrewery. I’ve seen Kurt Metzger there this year. Come and Take it Comedy festival (Nov17-19) is their biggest production to date and night 1 was well done: I enjoyed the Sklar Brothers set on the main stage before T Sean Shannon knocked out a hard hitting 10 minutes to set up the headliner: .

Quinn came out casual in a t shirt and flannel, building on topics explored in his earlier specials like the decline of the united aspect of the United States, We’d be better off if we broke up into smaller countries, hitting both progressive and conservative sides. He drilled down into what makes our country do dysfunctional: the asshole people that make it up, calling us out but keeping it relatable. This took topics from his New York City netflix special to the next level. Colin repeatedly built up pressure then relieved it. Incredibly smart and fast, I like what he’s getting at.

A surprise from the night was Ian Karmel, I caught 15 minutes of his set on the showroom stage and it definitely built to an hilarious crescendo. Luckily there is a chance for me to catch his whole set Saturday night, along with Alice Wetterlund. Eugene Mirman headlines Saturday night.

And fuck football Sunday, Come and Take It has Christina P, Ali Siddiq, and Joe Derosa. And you don’t have to pick your poison cuz they’re all on the main stage. Get out and laugh in a club that’s doing it right at a festival who booked the best talent this city has seen all year. Here’s the links kiddies.

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