Chris Charpentier Performs Stand Up on JKL

Chris Charpentier, otherwise known as “Daddy”, and that’s according to Chris Charpentier, who not only likes to give himself nicknames, but also enjoys referring to himself in the third person by that nickname, entertained the Live audience with a hilarious set on Tuesday night.

The product of Denver, Colorado and Denver’s premiere club, Comedy Works, Chris Charpentier not only performed stand up, he gave a masterclass on how to laugh at yourself and how to find the comedy in the things that would bother most people. Chris is 5’5″ and says he has been reminded of it everyday of his life. He turned the obstacles he faces with his height into punchlines while he talked about getting carded for cigarettes, using urinals and what it is that causes his legs to fall asleep. You’ll have to watch the clip below from the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel to find out what that is.

One thing that Chris Charpentier does appreciate about himself is his hair. He appreciates it enough to brag about on it stage, saying that he doesn’t need a pillow at all because it’s so luxurious. Chris also talked about the effect his hair has on men who want to run their fingers through it.

Chris Charpentier is a favorite at the High Plains Comedy Festival and was named one of the Just For Laughs festival’s New Faces of Comedy in 2015, in Montreal. He also hosts the popular L.A. show “Everybody’s Great” at The Lab at the Hollywood Improv.

On Sunday, July 2nd and on Wednesday, July 5th, Chris returns home to headline Comedy Works in Denver. You can get tickets at

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