Bonnie McFarlane Picks Five Male Comedians Women Actually Love


There persists an idea that women don’t love comedy as much as men do and it’s totally ridiculous. Most women I know love to laugh between botox appointments when their foreheads are malleable enough. The problem is navigating the comedy scene where misogyny breeds like the Ebola virus but without the incessant race to find a cure.

However, here are 5 Male Comedians Women Actually Love.


1. Bobby Kelly

Despite the fact that having a baby hurts like hell and damages a woman’s most precious commodity, her vaginer, the ladies keep squeezing them out. That’s how much women love babies! It should come as no surprise then that women love Bobby Kelly since he looks just like the best kind of baby; a gigantic one they didn’t have grunt into existence, thus leaving them able to fully enjoy his captivating presence with no residual anger and resentment. The minute Bobby toddles onto the stage, women can’t help but smile and lactate due to millions of years of evolutionary oxytocin drumming at their frontal lobes. As Bobby teeters from one foot to the other, women in the audience literally cannot help but squeal with delight.


2. Ted Alexandro

There are many things to love about the talented and handsome Ted Alexandro. His quirky smile, the fact that he’d make a good dad or that when he finally proposes to you, he’ll no doubt recite from memory a non-rhyming poem. But what women really respond to when it comes to Ted, above all else, is his super non-rapey demeanor. You can tell he’s not like that because he doesn’t shout or act all aggressive onstage or say things like “Keep it going for me!” after he’s been introduced. When Ted is under the spotlight, lady audience members tend to shut out everything else, including the sound of his voice and solely focus on the way he seductively leans against the back wall or rests a foot on the lower rung of the stool allowing you a clear visual of his assets. Obviously, these poses have been mastered after hours in front of a mirror and we thank Ted for putting in the extra effort.


3.  Joey Diaz 

Talk about your cuddle bunnies! There’s something about a great big hug from a great big guy that can make a woman feel like she’s got the world by the balls and watching Joey Diaz work his magic onstage, all a girl can think about is crushing her curvy body into that beanbag chair giant. Sure, it’s a risk. Depending on how many chocolate mojitos you’ve had, the hug can easily turn from therapeutic into carnal if you’re wearing low cut jeans. But hey, we’ve all done something triple X with a size XXL, am I right ladies? Even if it’s only so that afterwards you can borrow a t-shirt that makes you appear the size of a malnourished preschooler. Whoop, whoop! But a woman doesn’t just want discretion, she needs it if she’s ever going to trick a doctor into marriage. And while Joey might talk about finger banging and Milf muffs in his act, he never names name’s and women like that in a big dude.


4. The Sklar Brothers

Most women, despite their lack of mathematical competency, would likely agree that the Sklar Brothers are actually two comedians, not one. And that is exactly the point. What woman doesn’t love a two-fer? It’s a steal of a deal without the embarrassment of having to dig out a coupon. Watching the duo interact onstage tends to be a positive spiritual experience for most young women because The Sklar brother’s aren’t just brothers but twins with almost identical DNA. This means a female audience member never has to choose her favorite of the two the way she is psychologically forced to while watching a ventriloquist and his dummy. Never having to choose means she is able to trawl from two wallets after a show. And that is a deal that no woman can pass up.


5. Keith Robinson

It’s hard to believe that women love Keith Robinson. Mostly because they don’t. But in a bid to get ahead of the curve, I submit that 40-something black men are on their way to appropriating the gay guy as the fat girl’s new best friend. And Keith would make a perfect galpal on days when there’s just no one else to hang out with. For one, and I know this from having the unfortunate experience of sitting in the front row of his shows, he keeps his nose hairs fastidiously trimmed. An absolute must for anyone you plan to sit around with on a lazy Sunday afternoon watching funny cat videos. And secondly, his laugh is as loud and as uncomfortable as a fat man snoring in the middle seat of a Boston to Los Angeles direct. However, the true test of someone’s sense of humor, as everyone secretly knows, is not if they can make you laugh but if they laugh at you. And Keith will. Because even though he’s a man, he gets it.

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Bonnie McFarlane
Bonnie McFarlane
Bonnie McFarlane is one of the funniest comedians working today. She is married to Rich Vos, her co-host on the "My Wife Hates Me" Podcast (which is part of the Riotcast Network). She is also the director of the documentary "Women Aren't Funny."