Bob’s Burgers Music Album: The Top 25 Tracks Ranked!

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Sub-Pop Records is releasing a ginormous, gorgeous soundtrack of the 112 most iconic songs from “Bob’s Burgers”.

The digital, CD and vinyl releases will be available May 12th as either a three-record set, a two disc set or a deluxe, limited-edition box set. The record is as lovingly elaborate as the ridiculously long track list; vinyls are condiment colored (ketchup red, mustard yellow and relish green), there’s a hardbound lyrics book with exclusive art work, three posters, a sticker pack and a patch. Both versions include a separate, white vinyl of five “Bob’s” tracks covered by Bob’s Buskers, a rotating supergroup of musicians including The National and other huge names.

If 112 songs sounds like a lot, it’s honestly not. This box set could be so much longer. They included most of the good ones, but there’s still a ton of great tracks that get brushed over. Some of these are legitimate multi-minute songs, some are blurbs from the end credits or quick musical outbreaks, but it’s surprising how many aren’t on YouTube. The white Bob’s Buskers record is probably better suited for straight out listening, but if you like hanging out solo and listening to stand up on vinyl (maybe while drinking with your dog and doing crafts-what do I know?), you’ll love this. The music alone is so engrossing and the goodies sound so good that the price for the deluxe box set ($69) doesn’t seem that ridiculous. Sure, it’s ridiculous that you’re an adult spending money on music from a cartoon, but there’s stickers and posters! And so much artwork! If you’re less materialistic than me, the cost of the digital download ($15) is also reasonable or one dollar more for two CDs (but who buys CDs? Get a VHS while you’re at it, you weirdo).

All of this is to say there’s a lot of “Bob’s Burgers” music on the way and these are the twenty five best (in our opinion) tracks included on the record.

25. Darryl’s Slow Jam

It’s short and sweet; in the Valentine’s Day special “Can’t Buy Me Math” Tina’s been tutoring Darryl (Aziz Ansari) in the ways of love and her lessons culminate in this ballad.

24. I’m Jimmy Jr. Pesto

Jimmy Jr. Pesto’s running for class president in “Chess I Can”, mostly so he can dictate the music selection at school dances (why have one fast song and one slow when you can do ten and ten?) and everyone can agree; he’s better than the rest-o and wrote the hot guy manifesto.

23. Silent Love

Gene’s dating Courtney, an incredibly obnoxious girl, when he really just wants to hang out with her jingle-producer father and she hijacks his not-so-subtle ode to how nice it is when she’s not talking. The best line from the “love jingle” is when Courtney screams at Gene to shout out to the fellas because “you can’t do the ladies and not do the fellas”.

22. I Love U So Much (It’s Scary)

Not even Louise can resist Boyz 4 Now in the “The Hauntening”, but who could say no when zombie is rhymed with prom-bie?


21. Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

The fifth season starts off by smushing together Die Hard: The Musical and Working Girl: The Musical into an incoherent, beautiful jigsaw puzzle of love, bail bonds and Louise doing a German accent.

20. T-I-N-A

Tina’s fantasies all come true as Jimmy Jr. Pesto, dressed as a horse, serenades her in her very own adaptation of “L-O-V-E”, except every letter in her name is about how she takes his breath away.

19. Daddy/The Itsy Bitsy Stripper

“Punches are not hugs” is the best lyric in super duper edgy health inspector Tommy Jaronda’s hate song to his father, as voiced by Fred Armisen.

18. Coal Mine

How would Boyz 4 Now not make the list twice? We can’t all slap Boo Boo’s face when he’s in tour van car seat and just move on.

17. Mad Pooper

“Bob’s Burgers” definitely went through a 70s funk phase of “Shaft” sound-a-likes for unnecessary theme songs around season 3 (this song’s from “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”), and what a beautiful phase that was.

16. This is Working

“Linda-pendent Woman” might be the first time “Bob’s” went full musical and had characters step out and just sing about their feelings. It’s also really fun to hear people sing insincere self-assurances.

15. Happy Crappy Place

Again, battling duets are just the best and Louise and Linda are perfectly matched in their annoyance.


14. Gene’s Snake Song

Gene’s Oompa-Loompa dancing in “It Snakes a Village” is as mesmerizing as his fears are catchy. Also, he’s right about snakes; where are their arms and legs? It’s not okay.

13. Banjo Theme Song

The Banjo Theme Song wouldn’t make it this high on most extremely subjective lists, but here’s the thing, the context is fantastic. “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs” is all about Louise and Bob’s favorite gun-hiding bandit, which is some of the most perfect universe building ever.

12. The Nice-Capades

Gene, Louise and Tina lobby Santa, and by proxy a grumpy mall worker (Henry Winkler) to consider their good deeds and put them on the Nice List in three solos. Gene once gave Rudy the last taco, Tina nudged a horseshoe crab back into the sea and nurtured its college aspirations and Louise, the mastermind, finds herself vulnerable and ashamed.

11. BM in the PM

One of the greatest, grooviest end credits “Bob’s” songs comes at the end of an episode all about Linda, (“Eat, Spray, Linda”).

10. You Got Beefsquatched

“Beefsquatch” fits nicely in that season two and three phase of funky theme songs for minor characters and it’s too bad Gene’s role as Beefsquatch on Bob’s cooking segment was so unsustainable for the family.

9. I’m Falling for Helen

Teddy’s so close to finding love in “Housetrap” with the widow Helen, but the question of whether she murdered her last husband by pushing him off the roof is very important to consider, and ripe for double entendres.

8. You’re the Best Around

It’s not an original, but newly empowered nudist ex-health inspector Hugo covering “The Karate Kid” theme song is extremely shrill and yet still super motivating and intense.

7. Kill the Turkey/Sailors in Your Mouth

So here’s the original Thanksgiving song by Linda, but for the purposes of this list we’re using the super-morose cover by rotating supergroup Bob’s Buskers, which in this case is The National.

6. Electric Love

Is Topsy the Elephant “Bob’s” Hamilton? It’s a “musical re-imagin-actament” about American history, it’s super catchy and most importantly, autopsy is rhymed with aww, Topsy.

5. Diarrhea Song

It’s an oldie from “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks” and a classic Linda credits song/reason to love her.

4. Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom

“Glued, Where’s My Bob?”, the 100th episode (in order of production, but the 107th aired episode), features one of the strongest duets between Louise and Bob.


3. Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom-Bob’s Buskers

It’s just so haunting!


TIE: #1 and #2: Nice Things are Nice/Bad Things are Bad

Well, it’s a tie. “The Oeder Games”, the fifth season finale, starts out so positive and gets so dire with Bob and Mr. Fischoeder possibly drowning. It’s a high point in TV finales, a song-heavy episode (and so good) and the reprisal is perfect evidence of “Bob’s” symbiotic relationship with songs.

Watch the unboxing video and pre-order your copy of this gorgeous The Bob’s Burgers Music Album complete with stickers, a patch, lyric book, tons of illustrations, vinyl, sheet music, posters, and more!

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Rachel Crowe

The most notable lies Rachel Crowe has ever told were that she has 10 children (no twins), she’s running a marathon retracing the path her ancestors took to evade the IRS and that she found childcare for 10 on a Saturday night. She’s also a stand-up comedian and dog walker living in Los Angeles. Follow Rachel on Twitter @Racheddar or on Instagram @thelma_and_disease. Or don’t, but at least appreciate those fresh hot puns.
Rachel Crowe
Rachel Crowe
The most notable lies Rachel Crowe has ever told were that she has 10 children (no twins), she’s running a marathon retracing the path her ancestors took to evade the IRS and that she found childcare for 10 on a Saturday night. She’s also a stand-up comedian and dog walker living in Los Angeles. Follow Rachel on Twitter @Racheddar or on Instagram @thelma_and_disease. Or don’t, but at least appreciate those fresh hot puns.