Bob Odenkirk Learned How to Make a Real Cinnabon

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.44.20 AM

Bob Odenkirk’s character on AMC’s Better Call Saul referenced working in a Cinnabon, and so he learned how to make a real Cinnabon from the head office of Cinnabon Headquarters, to keep it real.  Tuesday night on Conan, Odenkirk said he knows all the secrets and isn’t going to tell us. Not because it’s a guarded trade secret, but because he wants us to keep enjoying them, guilt free. He said we should ust assume everything in it is something you are not supposed to eat. That kind of attention to detail is all part of Vince Gilligan’s attention to detail, he said.

Conan also showed an ad that Odenkirk did in the United Kingdom just to refute Odenkirk’s assertion that he never did an ad. Hey wait! That’s not real Conan. You got us again, and that’s just fine. If this doesn’t prove to you that Bob is a comedic genius, you may need to rethink yourself as a fan of comedy.

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