Big Brothers Season 2 Episode 2: Cody The Cyborg Serial Killer vs Paul The Production Child

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Episode 2: Cody The Cyborg Serial Killer vs Paul The Production Child

This was a crazy week in the Big Brother house. Easily the craziest house we have had week 1 in quite some time. It’s a first week that Twitter, Reddit, 4Chan and Jokers Updates have all agreed feels like we have been watching for a month already. For the first time in years, the house was split right off the bat and not just everyone agreeing to vote out on person who gamed too hard week 1.
Right off the bat after “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley recorded episode one for Big Brother 19, there was a self-eviction. Megan left the game as the live feeds came on day 1. After she left, HoH and psychopath Cody (The Gun Nut Marine) had to put up a new person on the block, he chose Alex who won the PoV and took herself off (with Cody throwing it to her).

At the PoV ceremony, when Alex took herself off the block Cody attempted to put up Paul, but Paul was protected by the Temptation he took for 3 weeks. This shocked the house and forced Cody to put up Christmas (The Crossfit Girl), which set the house off. Nobody on Cody’s side knew he was going to put up Christmas or Paul as they were both part of Cody’s alliance until that moment.
The morning after the Veto ceremony, Christmas was riding around on Jason (Cowboy 2’s) back and they slipped, breaking Christmas’ foot and putting her place in the house in jeopardy. Christmas returned to the game with a broken foot and will be allowed to stay in the house but not compete in any competition her doctor doesn’t see fit. She will receive first out punishment for any challenge she cannot participate in as well.

Eviction night was Paul vs Cody’s side and with Kevin (Old Mafia Man) doing a shocking turn at the live eviction and Josh (The Crazed Cuban) up to then being the swing vote who took Paul’s side, the votes ended in chaos. “Power of” Vito give you all the details you need to know in episode 2 and their opinions on what is happening and what will go down in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, hit subscribe and follow @BigBrothersPod on Twitter to see some feed updates and ask the guys some thoughts in real time.

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