Big Brothers Episode 9: The Resurrection of the Virgin King / Johnny Tremmel Calls In

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Spoiler Alert!

No Chris on this week’s Big Brothers, Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) had some intense conversations on the following subjects, listen to the episode to get these answers and more:

Was it dumb for Angela to put up Fessy and Hay? Would it have been better for her to put up Sam or JC since they aren’t in a position to help them stay safe while Fessy and Hay have been very loyal to their side?

Did Fessy effectively get into JCs Head by saying he’s next on the chopping block and was it a plan or just some dumb Fessy luck.

While Tyler’s biggest downfall be everyone talking in jury about their F2 with him? Is he really in the best spot in the house or does Brett have a leg up on him since he’s pretty much-going unnoticed by anyone and not thought to be in any sort of alliance.

How do we feel about pipe bomb eviction pleas? Fessy had one on his way out, is he just bitter and ruining people’s game as his game is over?

Seeing an entire alliance compete against each other

Kaitlyn’s effect on the game, how her one decision has changed the entire outcome of the game thus far.

Our issues with how the Battleback was handled. There’s a pretty obvious way they could have handled it and given us an amazing moment.

A recap of the endurance HoH competition that went down late night on the feeds. Why it was one of the best we’ve seen in a long time and how although Hayleigh didn’t win, she put up an amazing fight with the odds stacked against her.

Adam’s former houseguest perspective on

  • · Why doesn’t anyone hang out in the living room?
  • · When did players start looking to the camera after lying to people’s face?
  • · Reddit/Twitter have been begging for the HoH eviction night interview to return. Adam answers a theory people have on Rachel Reilly being the reason those don’t happen anymore.

We also thought it was the perfect time to bring back Johnny Tremmel for a phone call since he cast Hayleigh on the show and let him defend her and give his perspective on how she did in the game vs some other people he’s cast on the show.

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