Big Brothers Episode 6: Bay(leigh)Watch

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Spoiler Alert!

Finally, all the Big Brothers are back together in studio for another episode in season 20. “Power of” Vito, Chris Stanley and Big Brother 13’s Adam Poch are here to give you the rundown and everything that happened this week.

The week had what was probably Big Brother’s biggest fight in 5 years. Hayleigh called a house meeting to clear the name of her alliance member and friend Bayleigh. Hayleigh had won the hacker power but it seemed that Bey was getting all the credit for it in the worst way possible. This house meeting got bad quick because it turned into Bay going buckwild all over Tyler who in turn was freaking out at the fear of his game getting obliterated. The guys cover it in detail and give their take on who will be most affected by the fallout of it all. Here is the clip if you have yet to see the fight or want to see it in full.

Earlier in the week there was a Veto competition, which is why if you’ve turned on the live feeds you saw Brett wearing a Granny sweater, Kaycee dressed like a nut and Rockstar working out . Even though Angela was the Power of Veto holder, Tyler won the competition but instead chose to take a free trip to Hawaii while he was on the block. The brothers discuss this game move, which Adam is incredibly against.

Adam gave some more of his former houseguest takes which are always fun to hear as a fun. This week it was about the Jury House, which Adam never actually got to and admits as a fan, if you’re not going to win it all, you really wish you could see Jury. Adam also talks about not liking how many jurors there are that have been out of the game for 50 days and will still decide on a winner.

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